Fall Fly By

     Is it me or is fall seeming to fly by at a furious pace this year? I am writing this blog in the wee hours of the morning this Thanksgiving day. There is no aroma of Turkey in the oven yet because; 1) the Editor is still sound asleep with the pups and; 2) the café where we ordered our complete Thanksgiving dinner to go is not open yet. In a few hours I will get in the Jeep and fly down the road to pick it up, pop it in the oven and wait for the feast to begin. Being a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford of the Mayflower makes this day extra special. Some of you have had your first snow already. We are still waiting for that in Florida (chuckle), although I did see a dusting of frost in the shadows this week.

     Speaking of flying by, I have some” fly by” shots to share with you today. I love getting a good flight shot. It makes my day. I was very fortunate to capture some really close ones while sipping my coffee this past week. The Black-crowned Night Herons were taking the “Red-eye” flight back to the roost and passed right over the dock. My doohickey was ready and waiting for them. I saw a flash of pink in the distance as a Roseate Spoonbill made a beeline for me and flew directly overhead. I could have almost touched it going by. I am still waiting for that illusive fly by capture of Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron though. He has romance on his mind this time of year. A local Wood Stork also passed by, it was on its way to deliver an ugly baby somewhere I think. Its ancient looking black eyes took a glance my way going by. They may look ugly to some folks but they are indeed beauties on wing to me

     I pray each of you got to share a tasty meal with family and friends and give thanks for all our blessings this year. Time is flying by like the birds of the air. Soon old man winter will be knocking on the door (note to self- get the fireplace ready).  I also prayed Ohio State whoops Michigan again (that prayer was indeed answered). The Editor and I hope you all had a blessed week. Harry 

This is my fall colors on the Broward, a Bald Cyprus tree we planted called "The General"

It grew from about a 3 ft sapling to over 20 feet tall now.

Black-crowned Night Heron taking the "Red-Eye" home after a night on the marsh

I see you Mr Doohickey!

Black-crowned Night Heron reflects the golden glow of morning

I was surprised to still see the Roseate Spoonbills on the Broward

Filling the frame, any closer and I will need a wide angle lens

Don't eat too much turkey Mr Doohickey, they are my cousins you know

Don't shoot, I am not a turkey said the Great Egret

Wheeee...the only snow we are seeing is Snowy Egrets!

Super Moon

     The sun has set on the Broward, The only light is from the distant stars and the glow of the dock lights reflecting off the marsh. The air is still and cool. There is a unique aroma of the marsh, it hangs heavy in the air tonight (the Editor often complains I smell like the marsh after doing my photography). Tonight I am in quest of the Super Moon. The last time the moon came this close to the earth was 1948, long before I was even born. The next time it is this close will be November 2034. Doubt I will see that one either. I could not see the moon due to clouds on this past Sunday, but on Monday the 14th of November 2016, the skies cleared and I saw this one! I also saw flashing and blinking lights in the sky. Aliens or UFOs? No, just the local airport traffic.

     The Super Moon rose in the sky per the eternal clock and set in the opposite horizon about 12 hours later. Got that shot too. Like the sun and the moon's clocks, the eternal clock of the USA keeps ticking too. Even though we have a new President Elect, the moon still rose and set and the sun shone as scheduled too. So why are we seeing so many "Super Loons" protest? Get over it folks, life goes on. And on the Broward life is continuing as scheduled too. Got some nice shots of Annie, the female Anhinga, flying in to the tree by the Lizard Lounge after a day of hunting. Earlier I spotted her head and neck pop up in the channel as she chased fish underwater. The sun was getting low and it was time to dry those wings. The classic pose was struck as she spread her wings to dry in the cool evening air. The other birds I am seeing are the Pied-billed Grebes, Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron and my every faithful Tricolored Heron. The Super Moon has brought some higher tides with it and the local Osprey are spending more time on this side of the river allowing me to capture a few shots as they soar overhead looking for some of the abundant mullet which are jumping all over the Broward. Some of my photographer friends are seeing some Hooded Mergansers too but I have yet to spot one here (yet).

     Have you seen the “safety pin” thing going around on the super loons? I think they really should be used to hold up their diapers as they crap their pants and cry. I have more important things to do like drink coffee on the dock and smell like the swamp. Hope you do to. Blessings. Harry

On Monday 14 November 2016 the sky was on fire it seemed as the sun set in the west..

I have launched my own logo/brand for my photos called "Blue Heron Photography" so you will see this on most of my photos on line now

Super Moon Rising on Monday 14 November 2016, it is 14% larger than a normal full moon in appearance due to the closer proximity at perigee to the earth. It is also reported to be about 30% brighter. 

Thought this might be an Alien spacecraft at first coming from the super moon, it was ,just a Tricolored Heron on a fly by

Annie the Anhinga lands and strikes and gives me the eye after a long day of fishing..

Comfortable with my presence, Annie spreads her wings in a classic pose to dry out

Life on the Broward has continued to be normal after the elections, unlike in some areas where "Super Loons" are being seen about screaming and ranting.

The world really has not changed in my feathered Broward friends opinions

The sun rises and we still hunt for food and eat..yum yum...

Seen any mullet lately Mr Doohickey?

Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron and prognosticator predicts the sun will rise tomorrow as scheduled on the eternal clock of time.

The sun set and moon rose again the next day...see nothing has really changed. SUPER!

Waiting and waiting..

     Wispy plumes of fog swirl on the river. The morning sun reflecting on the fog makes the water appear like a smoking river running through the marsh. Cool northern air has descended over the Broward making my hot cup of coffee even more enjoyable on this mid November morning. The change in weather is a welcome to this Ohio transplant to Florida.

     A welcomed change has indeed come to the Broward. A familiar Great Egret has resumed its fishing at a favorite waiting hole at the edge of the marsh. That evening I peer out the window to see it sitting up in the tree next to the Lizard Lounge. I grab the Doohickey and sneak down to the lounge without disturbing this handsome looking bird. The Egret begins to preen and groom its feathers, oblivious of my presence. I wonder if the old bird has a hot date lined up the way it meticulously pokes and preens each feather. Impatiently it waits and yawns. Then it stretches one long leg and wing before changing its stance to stretch the other. The preening on the wing resumes. When all the feathers seem just right it peers into the setting sun. I surmise it is waiting on a late date like I wait on the Editor to get ready sometimes…and wait and wait..

     The weather isn’t the only thing that has changed. The suspense of the election and waiting is now over. We have a new President Elect. I must admit I went to bed early avoiding the television and comments only to be awakened by the Editor a little after 2 AM to be told it looked like a miracle was happening. Indeed, it was. At least to me it seemed. Regardless of our individual choices, the outcome has been determined and I pray we continue to be “One Nation Under God”. Blessings. Harry

It's a brand new day on the Broward, Wispy smoke like fog swirls on the water...

I glance out the window to see this Great Egret preening on a limb..

Got to get these feathers just right...got a date tonight..

Got it...

Time for a wing stretch...

and another streeeetch...

Got an itch now..

Naturally framed,,,still waiting for the Editor to get ready...

Whether you give a crap or not,,,the ELECTIONS ARE OVER

We Won! My hair feathers did it!

I see you Mr Doohickey...lets pray we continue as One Nation Under God..

Knock, knock...

     The morning sun appears like a glowing orb of molten glass slowly rising above the horizon. The distant power plant exhaust stack looks like it is giving birth to the morning light. The golden orb glows like fire as it seemingly burns through a low layer of clouds. The power of the morning is released once again. Thanks to the “miracle” of switching to/from “daylight savings time” and “falling back” one hour we once again have earlier morning light. I don't sleep well as it is and this only messes my internal clock up even more. Did I tell you how much I hate this crazy notion of "saving daylight"? As I sit on the dock sipping my coffee I hear a very loud and distinct sound.

     Knock knock…Who’s there? Pecker. Pecker who? Why it is a Pileated Woodpecker making that loud sound! I head to the front yard to see if I can capture this illusive but noisy woodpecker. As I walk up the driveway I see it above me. It flies across the street to what appears to be the beginning of a nest cavity. I push the doohickey a few times to capture the moment. The Editor has been wanting me to get a good photo of a Pileated. A short while later I hear the woodpecker calling loudly again. This time I see three male Pileated Woodpeckers in our old Laurel Oak tree. They are chasing each other and landing from tree to tree, then hopping in a circle around and around the trunk as if playing hide and seek from the other male. A curious squirrel peeks around the tree trunk to see who is knocking and making all that racket.  I call the Editor out to see this and she is thrilled to share the moment. I suspect there are competing males in the area perhaps claiming the same territory. I will keep an eye on the cavity to see if we get some nesting activity later next spring. That would be a thrill to see.  

     Well folks, tomorrow we are going to hear another loud noise throughout the land. Knock knock! Who’s there? The next President of the United States of America. Hope ya’ll vote. I did. I pray the Lord’s will be done. Blessings. Harry

Morning Power on the Broward. The sun rises like an orb of molten glass over the power station.

The sun burns through a layer of clouds like a molten fireball.

Knock Knock...who's there?  Pecker....Piliated Woodpecker that is...who is making all that noise? 

I will knock knock you if you don't get outta my tree said the Pileated Woodpecker to the other

Everybody thinks I'm crazy. / Yesiree, that's me, that's me. / That's what I'm cracked up to be. / I chop a hole in every tree. / Knock on wood. / Well, knock on wood. / So, I'm crazy, so what? / What can I do? / So are you! (Woody Woodpecker quote)

As the sun sets on the Broward, a Tricolored Heron contemplates the morrow..who will the next POTUS be?

Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron asks what time is it now,,,this time change is killing me...

The Black-crowned Night Heron takes the red-eye home, he forgot to change his clock one hour and is late returning home.

George Jr, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron Juvenile is still hanging around the dock waiting to see who the next President is before deciding to migrate. 

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