Knock, knock...

     The morning sun appears like a glowing orb of molten glass slowly rising above the horizon. The distant power plant exhaust stack looks like it is giving birth to the morning light. The golden orb glows like fire as it seemingly burns through a low layer of clouds. The power of the morning is released once again. Thanks to the “miracle” of switching to/from “daylight savings time” and “falling back” one hour we once again have earlier morning light. I don't sleep well as it is and this only messes my internal clock up even more. Did I tell you how much I hate this crazy notion of "saving daylight"? As I sit on the dock sipping my coffee I hear a very loud and distinct sound.

     Knock knock…Who’s there? Pecker. Pecker who? Why it is a Pileated Woodpecker making that loud sound! I head to the front yard to see if I can capture this illusive but noisy woodpecker. As I walk up the driveway I see it above me. It flies across the street to what appears to be the beginning of a nest cavity. I push the doohickey a few times to capture the moment. The Editor has been wanting me to get a good photo of a Pileated. A short while later I hear the woodpecker calling loudly again. This time I see three male Pileated Woodpeckers in our old Laurel Oak tree. They are chasing each other and landing from tree to tree, then hopping in a circle around and around the trunk as if playing hide and seek from the other male. A curious squirrel peeks around the tree trunk to see who is knocking and making all that racket.  I call the Editor out to see this and she is thrilled to share the moment. I suspect there are competing males in the area perhaps claiming the same territory. I will keep an eye on the cavity to see if we get some nesting activity later next spring. That would be a thrill to see.  

     Well folks, tomorrow we are going to hear another loud noise throughout the land. Knock knock! Who’s there? The next President of the United States of America. Hope ya’ll vote. I did. I pray the Lord’s will be done. Blessings. Harry

Morning Power on the Broward. The sun rises like an orb of molten glass over the power station.

The sun burns through a layer of clouds like a molten fireball.

Knock Knock...who's there?  Pecker....Piliated Woodpecker that is...who is making all that noise? 

I will knock knock you if you don't get outta my tree said the Pileated Woodpecker to the other

Everybody thinks I'm crazy. / Yesiree, that's me, that's me. / That's what I'm cracked up to be. / I chop a hole in every tree. / Knock on wood. / Well, knock on wood. / So, I'm crazy, so what? / What can I do? / So are you! (Woody Woodpecker quote)

As the sun sets on the Broward, a Tricolored Heron contemplates the morrow..who will the next POTUS be?

Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron asks what time is it now,,,this time change is killing me...

The Black-crowned Night Heron takes the red-eye home, he forgot to change his clock one hour and is late returning home.

George Jr, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron Juvenile is still hanging around the dock waiting to see who the next President is before deciding to migrate. 


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