Waiting and waiting..

     Wispy plumes of fog swirl on the river. The morning sun reflecting on the fog makes the water appear like a smoking river running through the marsh. Cool northern air has descended over the Broward making my hot cup of coffee even more enjoyable on this mid November morning. The change in weather is a welcome to this Ohio transplant to Florida.

     A welcomed change has indeed come to the Broward. A familiar Great Egret has resumed its fishing at a favorite waiting hole at the edge of the marsh. That evening I peer out the window to see it sitting up in the tree next to the Lizard Lounge. I grab the Doohickey and sneak down to the lounge without disturbing this handsome looking bird. The Egret begins to preen and groom its feathers, oblivious of my presence. I wonder if the old bird has a hot date lined up the way it meticulously pokes and preens each feather. Impatiently it waits and yawns. Then it stretches one long leg and wing before changing its stance to stretch the other. The preening on the wing resumes. When all the feathers seem just right it peers into the setting sun. I surmise it is waiting on a late date like I wait on the Editor to get ready sometimes…and wait and wait..

     The weather isn’t the only thing that has changed. The suspense of the election and waiting is now over. We have a new President Elect. I must admit I went to bed early avoiding the television and comments only to be awakened by the Editor a little after 2 AM to be told it looked like a miracle was happening. Indeed, it was. At least to me it seemed. Regardless of our individual choices, the outcome has been determined and I pray we continue to be “One Nation Under God”. Blessings. Harry

It's a brand new day on the Broward, Wispy smoke like fog swirls on the water...

I glance out the window to see this Great Egret preening on a limb..

Got to get these feathers just right...got a date tonight..

Got it...

Time for a wing stretch...

and another streeeetch...

Got an itch now..

Naturally framed,,,still waiting for the Editor to get ready...

Whether you give a crap or not,,,the ELECTIONS ARE OVER

We Won! My hair feathers did it!

I see you Mr Doohickey...lets pray we continue as One Nation Under God..

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