Super Moon

     The sun has set on the Broward, The only light is from the distant stars and the glow of the dock lights reflecting off the marsh. The air is still and cool. There is a unique aroma of the marsh, it hangs heavy in the air tonight (the Editor often complains I smell like the marsh after doing my photography). Tonight I am in quest of the Super Moon. The last time the moon came this close to the earth was 1948, long before I was even born. The next time it is this close will be November 2034. Doubt I will see that one either. I could not see the moon due to clouds on this past Sunday, but on Monday the 14th of November 2016, the skies cleared and I saw this one! I also saw flashing and blinking lights in the sky. Aliens or UFOs? No, just the local airport traffic.

     The Super Moon rose in the sky per the eternal clock and set in the opposite horizon about 12 hours later. Got that shot too. Like the sun and the moon's clocks, the eternal clock of the USA keeps ticking too. Even though we have a new President Elect, the moon still rose and set and the sun shone as scheduled too. So why are we seeing so many "Super Loons" protest? Get over it folks, life goes on. And on the Broward life is continuing as scheduled too. Got some nice shots of Annie, the female Anhinga, flying in to the tree by the Lizard Lounge after a day of hunting. Earlier I spotted her head and neck pop up in the channel as she chased fish underwater. The sun was getting low and it was time to dry those wings. The classic pose was struck as she spread her wings to dry in the cool evening air. The other birds I am seeing are the Pied-billed Grebes, Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron and my every faithful Tricolored Heron. The Super Moon has brought some higher tides with it and the local Osprey are spending more time on this side of the river allowing me to capture a few shots as they soar overhead looking for some of the abundant mullet which are jumping all over the Broward. Some of my photographer friends are seeing some Hooded Mergansers too but I have yet to spot one here (yet).

     Have you seen the “safety pin” thing going around on the super loons? I think they really should be used to hold up their diapers as they crap their pants and cry. I have more important things to do like drink coffee on the dock and smell like the swamp. Hope you do to. Blessings. Harry

On Monday 14 November 2016 the sky was on fire it seemed as the sun set in the west..

I have launched my own logo/brand for my photos called "Blue Heron Photography" so you will see this on most of my photos on line now

Super Moon Rising on Monday 14 November 2016, it is 14% larger than a normal full moon in appearance due to the closer proximity at perigee to the earth. It is also reported to be about 30% brighter. 

Thought this might be an Alien spacecraft at first coming from the super moon, it was ,just a Tricolored Heron on a fly by

Annie the Anhinga lands and strikes and gives me the eye after a long day of fishing..

Comfortable with my presence, Annie spreads her wings in a classic pose to dry out

Life on the Broward has continued to be normal after the elections, unlike in some areas where "Super Loons" are being seen about screaming and ranting.

The world really has not changed in my feathered Broward friends opinions

The sun rises and we still hunt for food and eat..yum yum...

Seen any mullet lately Mr Doohickey?

Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron and prognosticator predicts the sun will rise tomorrow as scheduled on the eternal clock of time.

The sun set and moon rose again the next day...see nothing has really changed. SUPER!


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