Fall Fly By

     Is it me or is fall seeming to fly by at a furious pace this year? I am writing this blog in the wee hours of the morning this Thanksgiving day. There is no aroma of Turkey in the oven yet because; 1) the Editor is still sound asleep with the pups and; 2) the café where we ordered our complete Thanksgiving dinner to go is not open yet. In a few hours I will get in the Jeep and fly down the road to pick it up, pop it in the oven and wait for the feast to begin. Being a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford of the Mayflower makes this day extra special. Some of you have had your first snow already. We are still waiting for that in Florida (chuckle), although I did see a dusting of frost in the shadows this week.

     Speaking of flying by, I have some” fly by” shots to share with you today. I love getting a good flight shot. It makes my day. I was very fortunate to capture some really close ones while sipping my coffee this past week. The Black-crowned Night Herons were taking the “Red-eye” flight back to the roost and passed right over the dock. My doohickey was ready and waiting for them. I saw a flash of pink in the distance as a Roseate Spoonbill made a beeline for me and flew directly overhead. I could have almost touched it going by. I am still waiting for that illusive fly by capture of Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron though. He has romance on his mind this time of year. A local Wood Stork also passed by, it was on its way to deliver an ugly baby somewhere I think. Its ancient looking black eyes took a glance my way going by. They may look ugly to some folks but they are indeed beauties on wing to me

     I pray each of you got to share a tasty meal with family and friends and give thanks for all our blessings this year. Time is flying by like the birds of the air. Soon old man winter will be knocking on the door (note to self- get the fireplace ready).  I also prayed Ohio State whoops Michigan again (that prayer was indeed answered). The Editor and I hope you all had a blessed week. Harry 

This is my fall colors on the Broward, a Bald Cyprus tree we planted called "The General"

It grew from about a 3 ft sapling to over 20 feet tall now.

Black-crowned Night Heron taking the "Red-Eye" home after a night on the marsh

I see you Mr Doohickey!

Black-crowned Night Heron reflects the golden glow of morning

I was surprised to still see the Roseate Spoonbills on the Broward

Filling the frame, any closer and I will need a wide angle lens

Don't eat too much turkey Mr Doohickey, they are my cousins you know

Don't shoot, I am not a turkey said the Great Egret

Wheeee...the only snow we are seeing is Snowy Egrets!

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