Bye George

This blog is dedicated to my cousin Joe Denton, who loved George. It has been a busy three weeks since we started packing up for the move to North Carolina. By this time next week we will be there for good. Our Broward home will be sold as of the 15th of this month. As we were busy packing today I saw George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron walking up towards the house as if to say good-bye. 

  George hopped up on the fence. It was then my jaw dropped and I called for the Editor. There on the fence was the entire family of George sitting on the fence as if wanting to give us a final farewell. There were five night herons on the fence, all from the same family perhaps. I grabbed my Doohickey to record the moment. Unfortunately my aperture setting would not get them all in focus but the scene will be etched in our minds for a long time. There was George, Georgia, George Junior and Georgette all sitting on the fence for a final goodbye. After I got the photos they lifted off and were gone. 

  Although we will miss George and our feathered friends and neigbhors on the Broward, we will always have the memories in our heart. Fond farewell my friends....see ya on the other side some day. And to all my friends, family, and readers of this blog, thanks so much for sharing these moments with me too. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. The Editor and I send our love and as soon as we get resettled in North Carolina, a new adventure will begin. Blessings..Bye George!

Psst….Hey Mr. Doohickey! Brought the family here to say farewell…

The lovely Mrs Georgia bids a fond farewell

Georgia and Georgette on the fence

The lovely Georgette takes after her pretty mom…

George Jr. was on the fence corner crying goodbye too!

The whole family lined up on the fence to bid us farewell…

Bob Jr, the son of Broward Bob the Little Blue Heron was there to see us off too!

Bye George, we are going to miss you and all our Broward friends!


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