The Voice...

No, not the Emmy winning show (produced by a dear friend of mine’s son). We all hear a voice once in a while that we immediately recognize. They may even be long gone or far away and you can still hear their voice in your mind, that unmistakable sound that can be only one. Most birds don’t speak for the most part but do have a distinct call. Nonetheless, when I hear it I often can tell exactly what species of bird is approaching. 

  Recently, the Pileated Woodpeckers have been very active, and I hear their distinctive call a lot in the mornings. Ole “Chipper” is still hanging out in the tree and nesting hole they used last year and calls for his mate JoJo. Soon they will be nesting again. The Bluebirds have returned with their distinct chirping call too. I see them checking out the nesting box. Already trees are starting to bloom. It looks like Punxsutawney Phil was right and spring is coming early even though it won’t be official until March 21st. Flocks of migrating Robins are heading north and stopping by the yard for a quick meal. The Cardinals are also quite active and calling their mates. Young hatchlings immediately recognize their parents distinct call among scores of others and vice versa. Spring is in the air for sure. Some of the Great Egrets are starting to get their mating plumage feathers and colors. Some White Pelicans and even a coy Brown one visited this past week also. Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron has been on the dock too this week. He still does not like his picture taken and lets me know it right away with a distinctive squawk of disgust as he lifts off in protest. The regulars, the Snowy Egret, Little Blue Heron and Tricolored Heron make their morning rounds. Cormorants and Anhinga are also active during the incoming and ebbing tides. 

  When you hear that still small voice in your ear, listen my friend. If it cautions you to check your tongue or stay on course, you can be assured it is most likely a voice from above. Take heed. If it tells you to go ahead and get angry or change your mind and do it anyway, no matter the consequence, well my friend, that voice is one you should not listen to. Spring is nigh, be blessed. Harry

The morning sky was ablaze with fiery color

The only snow we are seeing is the Snowy Egret kind..

If looks could kill, I’d be dead! What a handsome looking bird!

The Great White Egrets are starting to show breeding plumes. Spring is in the air.

Female Anhinga drying out its wings in the warm morning sun.

Cormorant those blue green eyes!

George Jr, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron is in town!

Mr Bluebird has been checking out the nesting box already..

A coy looking Brown Pelican on our dock on a gray winter morning…

Winter Blues…Little Blue Heron style..

Trucking down the dock…I hear something

Can’t get that voice outta my head!

What is that still small voice I hear?

White Pelicans glide by…spring is nigh!


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