Hi, I am Harry Selsor.  I am a Mayflower descendant of Governor William Bradford on my maternal side and from a German Hessian Soldier who was imprisoned and escaped and joined the Revolution on my paternal side. My ancestors served in every war from the Revolution to Vietnam.  As an avid bird enthusiast, and amateur photographer (with amateur equipment,  a Canon 7D and various lens) I am teaching myself as I go and want to share some of what I see and learn with you.  A retired Naval Officer, I first served on Destroyers in Mayport Florida and later became an Oceanographer and Meteorologist serving several overseas tours in Spain and the Azores. I then spent time in the civil service area working for the Oceanographer of the Navy in Research and Development programs and later moved back to Jacksonville in 1996 where I worked in Aircraft Protection systems and other programs before retiring in 2011 with 40 years service to the Navy. Now I have more time to sit in the back on my dock and enjoy the wonderful marsh birds and other wildlife along the Broward River and want to share them with you. 


Harry Selsor, Photo courtesy of Kandace Lankford, North Jax Monthly

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