Render unto Caesar....

     Have you rendered unto Caesar all that is due yet? Time is running out. Unlike the box turtle, I can’t just pull my head in my shell and wait for the tax-man to go away. It was a painful week doing my taxes but they are finally done. Now it is dock time. Time to render unto God. It has been a cold and cloudy week for the most part so I didn’t get out much. It was Saturday before I finished and filed my taxes. Sunday was the most beautiful spring day so far this year. The wind was light and refreshing, the skies were blue and the birds were everywhere. What a day!

     The Great Egret is still the most beautiful bird I have ever seen on the Broward. Their snow-white broad majestic wings allow them to glide like angels over the marsh grass. Brown Pelicans can still be seen at low tide scooping up fish in the shallow outgoing stream. “George” the Yellow Crowned Night Heron is back in his familiar places hunting for crabs. His bright yellow crown and long white breeding plume make him quite a handsome fellow. He swoops by me with one red eye on me, and one on his destination. The Purple Martins have returned and are busy preparing another generation. Above me a large female Bald Eagle is escorted across the sky by a pestering crow. The eagle’s young are fully fledged and in another month they will begin their journey north.

     I think I enjoy the rendering to God more than the rendering to Caesar. How about you? One is a pleasure and easy, the other painful and more difficult each year. Can’t wait for ole Bernie to get elected and have all those rich folks pay for everything and give me free stuff. Then I won’t need to pay taxes....Right! Blessings. Harry

Has the tax man left yet said the box turtle?

The Great Egret is one of the most beautiful birds on the Broward..

It's broad white wings are like those of an Angel..

The Brown Pelicans are still on the Broward..

Handsome George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron is back looking for crabs..

George keeps an eye on me as he glides by..

I hear the familiar honk of the Canada Geese as they fly by..

A pesky crow escorts the Bald Eagle across the Broward..

This Eagle has successfully raised and fledged a new generation..soon they will be heading North again..

Mrs Martin is busy raising some new tax deductions....

I think I will just sit here though now and reflect and render unto God...Blessings..


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