Such as it was in the days of Noah...

     It only takes a moment. The Editor and Janet (one of Mom’s helpers) were busy talking when the Editor turned on the water to the bathroom sink. A few minutes later I walked by and saw the water overflowing the sink countertop onto the floor and it was about to breech the marble sill and flow onto the wooden floors. And thus the potential disaster caused by “the great flood” on the Broward was averted. Whew! A trip to Lowes for some drain cleaner and plunger and we were as good as new. And the bathroom floor was really clean now. That afternoon we met Don and Becky (some ole Navy friends) whom we had not seen in a while for lunch in beautiful historic St Augustine. Before we did though, I stopped by the Alligator Farm to see the Bird Rookery for about an hour.

     The Alligator Farm and Zoo in St Augustine hosts a very successful bird rookery. Great Egrets, Wood Storks, Roseate Spoonbills, Snowy Egrets, and Tricolored Herons nests filled nearly every tree limb. Although the sun was a bit high by the time we arrived I managed to capture a few keepers. These birds were busy doing what they did after the great flood of Noah...repopulating the world with a new generation.  That evening I noticed a pair of Black Skimmers on the Broward feeding in the channel at low tide, using their signature beak down “Skimmer” technique for capturing minnows. Got one too! I had been expecting them. If only I could get them to reverse course and fly into the sun instead of out of the sun. I’ve learned I can’t “control” everything so hope you enjoy them anyway.

     First my “Job-like” health trials, then the nearly disastrous flood...Is God trying to tell me something? Indeed He is. He is ever faithful and through it all life goes on according to His plan, not mine.  I just gotta learn to keep my beak down like the Skimmers and good things will eventually happen. Blessings..Harry

Great Egret returning to the nests calls to its mate..

Honey, I'm home...did ya miss me?

He forgot the food! Can you believe it? No fish today...

Wood Stork brings home some extra nesting material..

The air traffic is heavy...full flaps landing, gear down..

Roseate Spoonbill in breeding plumage..

Spoonbill in flight...gotta get some food for the young ones..

Black Skimmers make a short visit to the Broward..

Got to remember to keep that beak in the water...

Got one!. Yum Yum...(click to view in full screen)


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