Doug's Dock Dedication Day

     It is finished! The day has finally come! The dock project is done! For months my neighbor Doug has been doing a major dock remodeling. All the old wooden decking timbers were pulled up and replaced with new synthetic deck boards. These new boards don’t need paint or preservation and will last forever. The birds of the Broward decide to have a dedication ceremony to celebrate the new dock. Some unexpected guest arrived. Things got out of hand a bit (kind of like some of our recent political gatherings).

     The first to arrive is a Tricolored Heron decked in patriotic reddish-brown, white and blue feathers. Then the three lovely Snowy Lennon Sisters (Mimi, Janet, and Kathy) arrive from their latest gig in Branson Missouri to sing a rendition of Moon River (over the Broward). We even had a fly over by a USAF F-15 Eagle. Ole Blue Eyes, the Blue Bird of Happiness was there too! Then out of nowhere they drop in! A flock of juvenile Ibis land and chase all the other birds away. They then proceeded to do their own dedication on the dock. It was more like a “defecation ceremony”. Nearly every square inch of the new decking was soon covered in white blotches of Ibis bird “doo doo”. That night it rained and washed the spoil away.

     I am sure we have all had similar projects and endeavors. We are so proud of the results and happy to see the task completed only to have something similar happen. That is just life (“stuff” happens as they say). Thank God for the rain. Personally I can’t wait to walk down Doug’s new refurbished dock and sit and enjoy seeing those birds, sip my coffee, count my blessings, and share more time with you. Till then, just watch where you step. Blessings..Harry.

Doug's dock renovation is done and the Birds of the Broward fly in for a dedication. First to arrive is the Tricolored Heron.

The old wooden boards have been replaced by new synthetic wooden decking..

The Snowy Lennon Sisters fly in from Branson to sing Moon River  (over the Broward).

The Black Crowned Night Herons do a flyover!

The Great Egret can't wait to see the new dock project..

I hear those new decking boards are really neat...

The Wood Stork does a fly over...Wow..nice looking dock..

Ole Blue Eyes the Blue Bird of Happiness arrives..

Some Juvenile White Ibis also fly in....they begin to whisper...wonder what they are saying?

A USAF F-15 Eagle does a high flyover..

Suddenly the young Ibis fly on to the dock and chase the other birds away..

Then they begin to do what birds do......Doo Doo that is!

Soon nearly every square inch is covered with bird doo....

The Osprey does a flyover and decides to add his two cents worth also..bombs away...

That night the rains came and washed the bird doo away...and the night lights came on..Well Done Doug!

Sunset on the Broward and Doug's Dock Dedication..


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