Isn't life strange..

     The lyrics from the Moody Blues hit song by the same name chronicles the blues I am feeling today. It has been a strange week indeed. Lots of rain and clouds. The air conditioner crapped out again. Hillary isn’t the only one nearly fainting from the heat and humidity. The Editor is OK now that I have a couple of portable ACs hooked up while awaiting repairs. Time for some amusement to lift my spirits. I always find it on my dock excursions. Today was no exception.

     Another year round Broward resident is feeling blue too, in the form of a Little “Moody” Blue Heron. Per the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology; “Adult Little Blue Herons are very dark all over. At close range or in good light, they have a rich purple-maroon head and neck and dark slaty-blue body. They have yellow eyes, greenish legs, and a bill that is pale blue at the base, black at the tip. Juveniles are entirely white, except for vague dusky tips to the outer primaries. Immatures molting into adult plumage are a patchwork of white and blue.” Ranging from South America and up the eastern US coastal states and Midwest to the Great Lakes, they are usually only seen in small numbers often tucked into hidden corners (IE moody). “The Little Blue Heron is a stand-and-wait predator, rather than a frenetic, dashing-about predator. They watch the water for fish and other small morsels, changing locations by walking slowly or by flying to a completely different site. They nest in trees, usually among other nesting herons and wading birds.” This was indeed the behavior I observed as I watched this moody little heron hunt for food. Its patience was aptly rewarded with a big fat Broward shrimp breakfast snack.

    Life is indeed strange at times. As the lyrics say: “The sea will not wait”. But patience is rewarded. The parts have arrived and now my ac is back on line..Life is good. Blessings. 

All the Harvest Moon did for me was make me blue!

Here comes my "Moody" Little Blue Heron, touching down in the early morning light

The Little Blue Heron is a stand a wait hunter..

The Little Blue is patient, peering left and right among the grass roots

I see something ...isn't life strange? 

How hard men will try,,,and Little Blue Herons too!

Can we ask for more? Another fine shrimp snack please!

The sea will not down the hatch!

Wish I could be in your eyes,,,oh, that is just me...Isn't life strange?


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