Lookin good....

     What do you see staring back at you in the mirror each morning? Got news for most of you readers....we are no longer the young folks we used to be. But I am ok with that. It is the same in the bird world. Each day the birds come and do their morning thing, look for free food, chat with the neighbors and then spend some time to do some serious feather fixing and preening (Some of you probably have a similar routine, only we don't get free food). Old broken feathers need to be removed so young ones can grow. They have to make sure each primary is in good shape and in the proper place. It is hard to fly with broken down ole feathers.

     After my quiet time I made a request for some good bird photographs. A short time later, a Little Blue Heron flew in and began to hunt minnows. Shortly after that a Tricolored Heron landed and did some hunting too. I heard a familiar squawk and turned to see a Snowy Egret fly in to join the other two. The Snowy was not too interested in hunting yet. This bird had some serious preening to do. I watched this bird for about 20 minutes, fixing one feather after another, strut a bit and then preen some more. When it was all done it took a look at its reflection in the water. I would have swore I heard it say “My oh My, you are the best looking bird on the Broward!

     All I do lately is look at my gray hair in the mirror and say “you sure look older but not necessarily any wiser”.  But just like this Snowy Egret..I’m Lookin Good”..Be Blessed today. 

Shortly after my request for photo opportunity, this Little Blue Heron flew in and began hunting for breakfast

Shortly after that this Tricolored Heron flew in and also began hunting minnows and shrimp

The Snowy Egret flew in also and immediately began preening its feathers

Got to check under the wings for repairs..can't fly with old broken feathers.

I see you there Mr. Doohickey...can't a bird preen in private?

Psst...reflection...is Mr Doohickey still there?

Snowy wings or the headless heron..(framed)

I sure am "Looking Good"....too bad you can't say that Mr Doohickey!

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