Remember the Maine...atee

     Tales from the Lizard Lounge. I glance outside and see it! A huge wake moving towards the dock. I call for the Editor to come quickly. We head for the Lizard Lounge. Swimming gracefully beneath the muddy waters, a huge whiskered head emerges and veers towards a clump of marsh grass. As it slips beneath the surface, we see the marsh grass begin to disappear as a graceful manatee munches on the local marsh grass. It reminded me of a bunch of hungry after-Sunday-Service-churchgoers hitting the local salad bars at their favorite feeding trough.

     We were not the only one watching the manatee. A Little Green Heron was also seen discussing the morning events with a young Great Blue Heron and George the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. The Little Green Heron then flew over to the dock for a closer look. Holy Cow! "Look at the size of that thing" it appeared to say. The heron then noticed the schools of minnows being stirred up by the manatee's sweeping tail. Time to join in the morning feed! " Last one to the trough is a rotten Heron" thought the Little Green! Hmmm..better scare away the competition first..Soon the other local herons, (the Little Blue and Yellow-crowned) were all passing the word that a ferocious sea monster was loose on the Broward and they better fly and feed elsewhere. The Little Green Heron laughed all the way to the waiting minnows stirred up by the manatee. I glance towards the marsh channel as another fast moving wake and then a large dorsal fin break the surface. This wake was being made by a local bottle nosed dolphin chasing one of the many mullet cruising down the Broward. The dolphin is not interested in the salad bar. They prefer fresh fish instead.

     The Editor and I just sat there at the Lizard Lounge and enjoyed the morning manatee show. Then I began to get hungry too! Time for breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee. Be Blessed. Harry

A whiskered manatee nose appears and sniffs for some sweet marsh grass..

Salad bar anyone?

Hey George, Did you see that big wake?

Nope, where was it? Hey Georgia, did you see a big wake? 

No, I didn't see it, I was doing my feathers...

I just saw a dolphin go by chasing mullet..

What is that big thing in the water? A sea monster!

Yikes! A sea monster!

A sea monster! I'm leaving said the Little Blue Heron.every bird for themselves!

I'm leaving too said the Tricolored Heron..

Sound the alarm..a .sea monster says George jr...

Now that all those other dummies are gone, more minnows for me..chow time..


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