Simon Sez...

     A waning gibbous moon was setting in the western sky. Morning was soon to break as the sun inched up slowly in the east. A pink glow was visible on the clouds. I love this time of the morning. The tide was coming in, no wind ripples were evident on the rising waters. The air over the Broward was relatively calm and cool. A perfect moment to sip coffee, enjoy the sunrise, and reflect on the coming day.

     A Pied-billed Grebe appears around the bend in the channel and quickly disappears into the marsh grass. A familiar squawk announces the arrival of our local Tricolored Heron as it flies in on the dock and gives me a quick glance. Taking its usual perch on the dock cleat, it begins to preen. To my right, a Great Egret glides into the rising tidal flat and begins to hunt for minnows. After about 20 minutes of hunting it hops up on the dock and begins to preen. That is when I spot the Little Green Heron on the dock rail. It looks back at me, turns around to face me and also begins to preen. To my right the Great Egret does a long leg and wing stretch. As if playing the game "Simon Sez", the Little Green Heron does the same wing stretch motion. The Great Egret then begins a full body feather fluff. Not to be outdone, the Little Green Heron also does its best impression of the Great Egret again. I look at the Great Egret and say " Mr. Doohickey sez: "Scratch your head". The Egret and the Heron both begin to scratch. Ok, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that but you get the picture. I have the proof below so to speak.

     Early fall on the Broward is my favorite time of the year. As long as the weather holds fair, I will be on the dock each morning to sip my coffee, give thanks for my blessings and enjoy the marsh morning with the locals. Simon Sez: "You have a blessed morning too". Harry. 

A waning gibbous moon sets over the Broward in the Western sky.

Pink morning glow on the clouds

Beautiful October morning on the Broward River...

The Great Egret begins to hunt for minnows in the rising tide and early light.

There's one now..!

The Tricolored Heron lands and begins to preen

The Great Egret hops up on the dock and also begins to preen.

I spot a Little Green Heron on the dock rail, it turns around, ignores me and begins to preen

The Great Egret does a wing stretch..

As if playing "Simon Sez", the Little Green Heron does a wing stretch too.

Simon Sez,,fluff your feathers...

The Little Green Heron begins to fluff too

The Tricolored Heron also begins to fluff up..

Mr. Doohickey sez scratch your head..

The Little Green Heron also begins to scratch,,,see I told you, just like Mr Doohickey sez..

Simon Sez...

You have been touched by an angel's wing today,,be blessed.


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