They're baaacckkk!

     No, not the spooks from poltergeist…the Pied-billed Grebes are back! Spotted the first one returning to the Broward recently. A good friend and classmate sent word he saw one on the Potomac recently and another great friend reported they have not seen the grebes leave Wisconsin yet. It can now be reported that they are definitely back on the Broward. As the Hunters Super Moon sets on the Broward, small flocks of Snowy Egrets are also flying up and down the river. Sure beats small flecks of snow blowing all over the place like some are seeing already.

     This shy little diving Grebe spotted me early in the morning on its exploration around the small marsh island in front of the dock. Warily it came closer and closer, only to turn around and then come back towards me. I just ignored the curious looks until it came into good photography range and then began to quickly capture its charm while it gingerly swam past the dock and in and out of the green marsh grass reflecting on the water. It sure kept an eye on me, often turning a 360 just to see if I was still pointing the doohickey at it. Finally, it decided I wasn’t a threat and continued its morning hunt. We can expect to see about a half dozen or so more to arrive any day. The local Tricolored Heron showed up also and caught a nice looking sea trout minnow. However, one lucky minnow did manage to escape. At least today that is.

     How do you feel when you see a familiar face? I was happy as a bird with a french fry when I saw this little grebe. Later that day I saw another familiar face while attending a local home show. It was someone I worked with for many years (but many years ago). He saw me and said hello and came over to sit down and chat. My mind drew a blank on his name though. It was a “senior moment”! I finally had to ask him his last name and suddenly it all came back..My memory, it’s “baaackkk” too. Blessings. Harry

The Hunters Super Moon sets on the Broward...

The Pied-billed Grebes have returned to the Broward. I was looking for them for weeks.

Time for church...gotta fix these feathers first..

After a feather fluff the Tricolored Heron began to look for breakfast

Time for some fishing...

Got one!

Sea trout for breakfast..yummy

This minnow narrowly escapes being my memory narrowly escaped me too!

Small flocks of Snowy Egrets are flying over the Broward,,sure beats flecks of snow blowning

Can you spot the imposter? Roseate Spoonbill has breakfast with the Wood Storks

I may be old and ugly but I still remember old whats his name..

Yep,,they're baaacckk....and so is my memory too (I think). 


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