The morning after..

     There's got to be a morning after..These words from the epic 1972 movie “Poseidon Adventure” echo the thoughts and feeling of millions of people who just endured one of the most devastating hurricanes since Sandy hit the northeast coast in 2012. I am one of the blessed few in Matthews path that was spared. Although we lost power for most of an afternoon and evening, we had prepared.  Our generator was running within 30 minutes of the outage and kept us cozy throughout the night. Unfortunately, all the preparation in the world was nowhere to be found when Haiti was devastated again (just where was the world’s help?). Perhaps another contribution to a well-known “Foundation” would have helped.

     Someone must have notified the birds of the coming storm because I observed flocks of them come in our direction and away from the storms strong devastating winds. As the Broward breeched its banks dozens of birds gathered in the grass and along fences to feed on the goodies being floated up in the back yard. I counted eight Cardinals on the fence at one point, hoping up and down into the shallow water to grab a bug or grub. I also saw a giant swan swoop in and rescue two granddaughters of my neighbor. They were stuck in the rising storm surge on the Broward. The morning after Matthew, the sun came out again. A pair of Pied-billed Grebes sailed around the lagoon looking for food. Old Man River, the venerable Great Blue Heron and patriarch of the Broward, made what he thought was a stealthy appearance, then spotted me and quickly flew off again. It is mating season for the Great Blue Herons now. Perhaps I will get that illusive capture yet. The local Snowy Egret got a big fat Broward shrimp dinner after the storm too.

     My predictions on the storm’s path and our subsequent decision to hunker down and make due preparations proved successful for us this time. The prayers of many accompanied us throughout the storm and for those we are forever thankful. I think I will remember the sunshine of the morning after Matthew as long as I may live. I pray I will not forget how blessed I am. Blessing to you too! Harry

The Broward breeched its banks during the passing of Matthew and nearly flooded the Lizard Lounge. Shortly after this photo was taken we lost power

Giant Swan rescues two damsels in distress in the surging storm. 

A pair of Pied Billed Grebes look for post hurricane delicacies on the Broward.

I see you Mr Doohickey

Old Man River the Great Blue Heron and  patriarch of the Broward attempts a stealth landing

I've been spotted!

Next time perhaps there  Mr Doohickey

Look what else blew in!

I think I will call it Shrimp Matthew a La Broward

I pray I never forget the sunshine of morning after the storm. We were blessed. What a difference a day makes! 


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