's "Tober"

     The breeze gently blowing over the Broward is cool and refreshing. The azure sky is crisp and clear. Gone is the sultry humidity and haze of summer. Fall has finally arrived on the river. The tall Bald Cypress we call “The General” has grown another foot or so and the once green leaves are starting to turn a hint of cinnamon brown as it begins to prepare for another change. How do I know it is really fall? The harvest moon has come and gone. But I must confess, a little birdie told me, a little Eastern Blue Bird that is.

     Fall migrations have begun. The thousands of crows a shipmate and friend in Wisconsin saw heading south are now all over the local malls and crying their familiar “Caw Caw Caw” as they fly across the river. Ma and Pa Bluebird seem to be discussing the recent political debate (boring). George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron will be leaving soon. He and the missus have successfully raised another generation. They will hopefully return in the spring. The Black-crowned Night Herons will remain in the tree next door that they roost in throughout the year. Various ducks are passing through the Broward. The Roseate Spoonbills will be leaving the area also. But as one species leaves, another arrives. The Pied-billed Grebes (Editor’s favorite) should be showing up soon. Then the Hooded Mergansers will show up too. One of my goals this fall is to get a great photo of a Wood Duck pair. I love “Tober” and the cooler fall weather. Time for pumpkin pie too!

    Like the calendar, the seasons of our lives come and go too. Autumn is my favorite calendar season, and my favorite life cycle season too now that I am retired! Maybe we don’t have the leaves changing like the mountains and hills in North Carolina and points north but we still enjoy the local changes. Wish me luck on my Wood Duck quest. Blessings. Harry

Psst...It's "Tober"...A little Blue Birdie told me...

I'm sick of listening to bout you?

How about some pumpkin pie?

It sure is nice just sitting on the dock now, right Mr Doohickey?

After raising up another generation, George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron will be leaving for the winter.

The Black-crowned Night Herons remain on the Broward year round...this one is taking the "Red Eye" home after a night on the Broward..


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