Stubborn ole man...

     Cool October mornings continue on the Broward. A blanket of fog enveloped the river this week as cold dry air blew over the warm moist waters. As the sun rose, the fog burned off and it was another spectacular morning on the river marsh. A hot cup of coffee in my hand helped ward off the misty fog. Got any Halloween Candy left? Remember, the “Reeses Cups” are mine!

     It is mating season now for the Great Blue Herons. Many of my Facebook Friend photographers are getting some great shots of these magnificent herons. I am not so lucky. Why? Because stubborn Old Man River, the local Great Blue Heron patriarch hates getting his picture taken. I have recently spotted him on his old favorite perches (IE the neighbors jon boat and the old dilapidated pier a few houses down). However, like all the years before, as soon as that stubborn ole man sees me he takes off with a loud squawk. I am sure if I spoke Great Blue Heron it would not be a nice word. All I seem to get is Great Blue Heron bird butt shots. I spotted the return of the first Brown Pelican of the fall season. Soon I expect to see a dozen or so trailing my friend Tommy’s crab boat on the Broward. The Roseate Spoonbills are still around but I expect them to be leaving soon. At least they let me get their photo, unlike a certain stubborn ole bird. Got some great reflection shots also recently to share.

     The Editor seems to think Old Man River and I are kindred spirits. Both of us are getting more stubborn in our autumn years. I guess us ole folks just don’t tolerate change well ( kind of enjoying it though). I have to watch my squawking though. Blessings. Harry

Ole Man River, the Great Blue Heron and patriarch of the Broward has returned to his old familiar perches. Here he is on morning lookout duty.

You can see by the look in Old Man River's eye he is not to happy to see me...

With his feathers ruffled now, he lets out an angry squawk and launches off into the marsh

Pretty (dirty) in pink...a few Roseate Spoonbills are still around but will be leaving soon

The Wood Stork says I feel pretty too!

Near perfect reflection of Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron


Fresh shrimp for breakfast

Down the hatch it goes

A Great Egret also reflects well in the early morning sun

You looking at me fish? Take that!

Snowy Egret complains I just had my nails done, now look at my muddy feet!

Mr Doohickey, you "otter" watch that squawking mouth of yours,,the Editor is going to be real mad

Mr Doohickey, you "otter" watch that squawking mouth of yours,,the Editor is going to be real mad


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