Thru the veil...

When I look into the water what do I see

Is that a reflection or is that the real me


Sometimes my reflection when seen very near 

Upon closer inspection new details appear


 Reflections struggle when formed in the mud

Illusions clouded by muck and by crud


There are times when my reflection is too dark to see

Are my thoughts and actions as they should be


There are times my reflection shines through dawn's early light

It is then that my thoughts reveal what is right


Sometimes my reflection is not very clear

The calm is disturbed by ripples too near


In the worst of times my reflection shows my aim isn’t right

I'll continue to hunger till I better my sight


In the best of times my reflection shows I hit the mark

My belly is full, I’m happy as a Lark


At other times my reflection can change in a flash

When I make waves with my splish and my splash


Thru the veil of lifes mirror I hope that I see

That God’s true love is reflected in me








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