Low Key...

     I am not one for the limelight. I prefer my life to be quiet and low key. But sometimes I open my mouth and get in trouble. That is why I spend lots of mornings on the dock talking to my maker and making amends. I also love this time of year for low key photography to go with my low key lifestyle.

     One of my instructors once commented on one of my photos as being a good example of a high key shot. I had no clue what he was talking about so I had to do some homework. Per one on line source “When a photographs light is exaggerated to the bright end of the spectrum it is called "high key" photography. When it is slanted to the dark end of the spectrum it is called "low key" photography.” White birds against a dark background as found in some of my 24 October 2016 Reflections are excellent examples of the latter. Recently a Little Blue Heron and a Great Egret provided me some great low key opportunities. Hope you enjoy them.

What kind of lifestyle do you live? High Key or Low Key? There are advantages and disadvantages to both and together they can make a balanced approach to living. Be Blessed. Harry

When a photograph is slanted towards the dark end of the spectrum it is called "Low Key".

This photograph is an example of a "High Key" photo at the bright end of the spectrum

White birds on a dark background make excellent low key opportunities..

With low angle early morning light even this dark Little Blue Heron stands out against the background

I guess that make me "Middle Key" then!

So I guess I will just sing "Off Key"

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