Casting Crowns

     While some of you may be enjoying balmy 60s and cool weather we hit the 80s already. However, last night as the sun was setting in the west I did get a cool breeze somewhere close to the sixties, really enjoyed it. One of the few pleasures we have had lately.

     The Black and Yellow-crowned Night Herons have been about the only birds I have seen this week. These two species of crowned herons have very similar looking young but there is where the likeness stops. The Black-Crowned have a two tone beak as one distinguishing difference while the Yellow-Crowned has a black beak and longer and thinner looking neck. Both have red eyes. I call our local Yellow-Crowned Night Heron pair, “George and Georgia”. Both were in the channel at low tide looking for blue crabs, their favorite fare. The Black-crowned was sitting on the lizard lounge enjoying the springtime weather.

     The house is looking like a war zone, hydraulic scapers are still ringing in my ear from tearing up all the old wooden flooring. The new flooring was supposed to be here last week but is missing in transit somewhere between here and Illinois.  Someday I will be in a new home and casting my crowns at the feet of my Maker, till then, be blessed and hope all had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.   

George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron flying by enroute to a crab fest.

Yellow-crowned Night Herons have a distinctive white stripe below the eye..and all black beak.

The Black-Crowned Night Heron resting on the lizard lounge. Note the bicolored beak with some yellow near the base on the lower beak. 

Both of the local crowned Herons have red eyes..

Hope all had a Happy Mothers are some more flowers for you!

Hopefully some day next month my house won't look like this. PS my insurance company just said all was I sent them this photo..don't know what they consider complete!



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