When smoke gets in your eyes.

     My apologies for today's brief blog. My house has all the wood floors removed except for two rooms and a closet. The poor pups don't know which way to turn. Jackhammers start again at 0830 this morning. In the meantime we are sleeping in a trailer in the front yard. Yesterday we could barely see the sun through the thick smoke and ash falling. 

     We discovered another weather /TV channel this week. Seems there is news other than the Russian conspiracy and the US is not the only place with severe weather. Poor Missouri and Texas had hail, storms. tornados, and floods. Quebec in Canada also had major flooding. Tornados throughout the midwest corridor also. Alaska is having earthquakes. The Okefenokee National wildlife refuge is a burning inferno with over 111,000 acres up in smoke. Florida and Georgia are at an all time low for water, the drought conditions make the fire spread even faster. Here is our forecast for Monday...

 ..."WEST MIMS SMOKE PLUME INCREASING IN SIZE AND WILL GRADUALLY SHIFT SOUTHWARD THIS EVENING... The West Mims Wildfire in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge has grown in size this afternoon, with its smoke plume expanding over southern portions of Charlton and inland portions of Duval and Nassau Counties. This smoke plume will gradually pivot southward through the early evening hours, impacting western portions of Duval and Nassau counties. Smoke may settle closer to the ground during the early evening hours. Visibilities may fall to 2 to 5 miles in these areas, with a strong smell of smoke in the air and occasional periods of falling ash. This plume may also expand into northwestern portions of St. Johns County, northern Clay County and eastern Baker Counties. Although the general public may not be affected...children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those that have heart or lung disease are especially vulnerable to smoke exposure. Fine particles are respiratory irritants, and exposures to high concentrations can cause persistent cough, phlegm, wheezing, and difficulty breathing."

     Needless to say I have not had time to push the doohickey and marsh birds are scarce right now. But here is a May flower to brighten your day. The Editors Agapanthus are in bloom. Hope springs eternal. Blessings. Harry

The Editors Agapanthus are nearly fully bloomed now.

Smoke on the water....Great Egret flying low..

Fire in the sky...the sun appears through the thick smoke haze.

My hair feathers are on fire!  Northern Cardinal (male) grabs a drink of fresh water  in the smokey air.

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