My Daylight Savings Account is broke..

     Daylight Savings Time…what a joke! I got up at 0530 and it was pitch dark. Didn’t save one lumen of daylight that I can tell. Two hours later I am still waiting for some sunlight. Someone has gotten into the Daylight Savings account and robbed it! Normally I would have been on the dock taking early morning photos. Not now. It is Daylight Savings Time (DST) and someone idiot has robbed us of all the early morning daylight.

     Thankfully the birds did not get the message. They still follow their internal clocks set only by the Almighty. A friend recently sent me some background on the origins of DST. Not sure if it is true but it sure seems plausible. A politician wanted to prove to a friend he could submit legislation that made no sense but if you sold it correctly, the politicians would buy it hook line and sinker. He made up most of the arguments for the proposal and that is how we got Daylight “Savings” Time. My favorite input came from the words of an old Indian who heard of the program and said only the government would claim you can cut a foot off one end of a blanket and sew it onto the other end and have a longer blanket.

     The local Tricolored Heron is in full agreement. Daylight Savings Time is a joke (and not popular with the birds either). And our stupid Florida government wants to stay on this bankrupt sunshine account program forever. "At least my truck clock is finally right. See, my patience paid off." Blessings.

After waiting for hours, dawn filnally breaks on the Broward..

Oh there it is, finally...all that Daylight we feathers!

I HATE Daylight Savings Time! The minnows are still asleep!

I can't find any minnows, they forgot to move their clock forward! Now I am seeing red!

Whos dumb idea was this broken Daylight Savings Time?  

Hey, have you seen my missing Daylight Savings? 

If there is so much daylight now, how come I am freezing?

Finally, I can see some daylight!


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