Marsh Madness?

     The moon set on the Broward as the morning began to break over the marsh. Could the lunar orb be responsible for what I observed today? The Ides of March have passed but something is amiss. It is as if some strange force has gripped the birds.

     Erratic movements caught my eye, it was a flock of Snowy Egrets descending on the marsh. Golden rays of light began to penetrate the deep recesses of the marsh. Several of the Snowy Egrets gathered in the lagoon. The normally passive and communal egrets seemed quite upset with each other if another seemed to get too close. What was it that had them all fluffed up?  One got quite vocal. It must be Marsh Madness. And then it hit me. They weren’t crazy, just hungry. It was time for breakfast and just a case of “minnow madness”. Whew! Had me worried there for a moment.

     I wish that was all the matter with our country. It seems a madness has gripped our country too. I have never seen such heated and bitter rhetoric. Seems this country is so divided that no one is thinking clearly. Except the birds. 

The moon sets on the Broward as golden rays of sunlight begin to penetrate the marsh..

Beware the Ides of  March!

A snowy flurry of Snowy Egrets descend on the marsh..

Golden rays of morning (finally)  begin to brighten the marsh... 

The egrets are normally very communal and friendly

Today things were different...they seemed very short tempered if another Egret approached!

Itching to get at you too!

Fidler crab in a last act of defiance flips off the bird..

It seemed as if unkind words were exchanged..IE "Fowl Language"

I saw erratic behavior..they were all shook up with wild looking eyes! 

Was it some sort of Marsh Madness? 

No! It was just breakfast time and they were gripped by Minnow Madness...whew!


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