Marsh landing..

     March winds continue blowing over the Broward. Oak and Pine pollen are everywhere, nature’s way of keeping things blooming and allergy sufferers sneezing. The bees can’t do it all. Spring-like weather prevails in Florida. Hopefully you folks up north will see it soon too. A few faithful birds remain on the river and keep me entertained. Captured a sunrise on the ocean the Editor thought was worth sharing.

     A Little Blue Heron glides in for a perfect landing in the marsh. Upstream a huge wake moves around the bend in the channel. A manatee is looking for some fresh spring marsh grass to munch on. The once numerous flocks of Snowy Egrets are getting smaller by the day but still swoop in to take advantage of the tidal minnow feasts. My ever-faithful Tricolored Heron sits on the dock and glances in my direction. It opens its beak as if to give me a morning greeting. I pull up my chair and watch as this bird spends the next  hour preening every feather one by one. It takes a lot of work to keep those doo feathers looking fine. Birds are nesting and soon hatchlings of every feather will be opening their little beaks and demanding to be fed. Hmmm, maybe it is time for the Editor to fix me some breakfast too!

     Time to start to work on taxes so I can render unto Caesar, one of the unavoidable facts of life.. Blessings.

Sunrise Blackrock Beach

Little Blue Heron comes in for a perfect "Marsh Landing"..

This bird has marsh minnow madness...time for breakfast..

Someone say minnow time? Snowy Egret looks for snacks

Still have some Snowys on the Broward but spring is near..

Wake Up Mr Doohicky! Did you forget to move your clock forward? 

Got an itch...

Takes a lot of work to keep these feathers looking fine!

Looking good...

Time for some minnows...

Sunset on the Broward..


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