Guess who is coming to dinner?

     Gray skies continue to rumble. Each afternoon this past week we have been greeted by sudden downburst and thunderstorms. It is hard to complain though because the rain is much needed in these parts. The mornings, however, have been pleasant for the most part with only scattered clouds and lots of sunshine between the rains. While we prepare to launch another major project in re-roofing the house, we pray for a break in the weather.                   

     I continue to do bird stewarding several times a week. There is little activity on the Broward other than George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron and his family, and an occasional Roseate Spoonbill flying up the river. Once all these house projects come to a close we can settle down to our old dock routine and have some folks over for dinner. Dinner is what is happening at the beach and guess who is coming to participate? Poor Mr. Fishy was just swimming in the surf when he felt a strange tightness envelope him and snatch him out of the see. He was now a "flying fish" headed for the dunes in the beak of a Royal Tern who just called home to tell the wife the dinner guest would soon arrive. Mr. Fishy is coming to dinner and he is it.

     A pair of Oystercatchers gave me a fly by as they circled the beach several times. These are one of my favorite shorebirds. Last season they were unsuccessful in fledging any chicks due to predation. Hopefully they will have better luck this year. As I scanned the beach a pair of eyes popped up out of the sand. It was a Ghost Crab, hoping to latch on to one of the unsuspecting hatchlings as they ventured out from the dunes. The Laughing Gulls continue to try and rob the Royal Terns of their dinner guests every chance they can get. The poor Terns do all the work only to be attacked as they try to feed their young. When will this avian violence ever end?

     My brother and sister-in-Law invited us to dinner this past week to celebrate my recent birthday (64th).  I love Miss Lori’s fried chicken. And no one dared tried to steal it from me either.  Summer officially starts on Wednesday. Hope you have a great one! Blessings. Harry

Guess who is coming to dinner? It is Mr. Fishy...

Mr. Fishy is indeed coming to dinner today..but not by choice

A Brown Pelican does a low flyover..

  The Oystercatcher is one of my favorite shorebirds..

The Oystercatcher is one of my favorite shorebirds..

A pair of Oystercatchers circle the beach..

Ring-billed Gull, Juvenile..

I see you there Mr. Doohickey...Ghost Crab looking to attack a hatchling..


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