Jump for joy...

     The sky was azure blue, not a cloud to be seen. The Editor was having her morning coffee on the porch and listening to the birds. The aroma of the coffee drew me to the porch also. A rare respite from the recent stormy gray skies, this morning was particularly clear after the previous nights thunderstorms. As I joined her with my cup in hand, one particularly loud and melodious Mockingbird began serenading us.

     Per the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology “The Northern Mockingbird enjoys making its presence known. It usually sits conspicuously on high vegetation, fences, eaves, or telephone wires, or runs and hops along the ground. Found alone or in pairs throughout the year, mockingbirds aggressively chase off intruders on their territory.” This Mockingbird was being true to the above quote as it flew back and forth from the oak tree to the top of “the General”, our Bald Cypress tree. It would sing loudly for a while and then it would leap straight up in the air about 2-to-3 feet and start singing all over again.  It literally seemed to be jumping for joy! The local Tricolored Heron and a Snowy Egret seemed oblivious to the Mockingbird’s antics and intently hunted for minnows in the outgoing tidal flow. George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron just watched as the Great Egret did a pit check under its wings. Gotta be fresh to start the day. 

Well, our re-roofing project finally got done, now on to the kitchen re-do. The Editor and I are jumping for joy too! I think we will not try jumping out of any treetops though. We don’t have wings yet. But if we did we would be jumping even more. Blessings. Harry

This Northern Mockingbird was singing its heart out as we sipped our morning coffee

Every few minutes it would stop and leap into the air as if jumping for joy!

The local Tricolored Heron was not impressed with the Mockingbirds song..

Neither was the Snowy Egret as it hunted for minnows in the falling tide

Got one!...now why does that dumb birds song keep ringing in my head?

Nice tune...got one too!

George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron greets the morning..

The Great Egret does an under wing pit check..

Got to be "fresh" to start the day

The renovations and roof and are done..time to JUMP FOR JOY!

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