You fill up my senses...

     The late John Denver’s second number one hit of 1974 is a classic I will always remember. Although it is called Annie’s song, it is appropriate for the moment (the Editor’s middle name is Anne too). This past week our senses were filled as well as our house. Seemingly tons of boxes came with the furniture and we were overwhelmed with the task of putting them away.  We are on the last couple of boxes finally.

     I took another respite at the beach on Sunday to watch over the nesting shorebirds again. I was up late working on the pictures and up early this morning coming up with this missive. Annie’s song came to mind. It is a peaceful melody. The same peace came to me as I watched a Laughing Gull caring for it’s new hatchling in the sand dunes. Although the egg laying and hatching part of the job is done, now they have to feed and raise the hungry little beak that never seems filled.  It is a new beginning. The Editor and I too had a feeling of thanks that the new floor is down and the furniture is in. It too is a new beginning, but then came the task of emptying all the full boxes that were stacked up nearly to the ceiling in some rooms. As I was leaving the beach to head home I saw a fisherman being stalked by a Great Blue Heron. It was intently waiting on any fish or bait that might be thrown his way. I rolled down the window as I went by and got a frame-filling photo of this magnificent blue hereon.

   When the Editor saw the photo her eyes were filled with amazement at the sheer beauty I was able to capture. I hope your senses are filled too as you have a new beginning also this week. Blessings. Harry

The early morning fishing was good for this Osprey

This Royal Tern now has the seeming unending task of filling up a hungry little beak..

This Laughing Gull is doing some nest repair after the to keep that nest in shape..

No rest for the to get another fish..

I see you there Mr Doohickey..Brown Pelican cruising the surf zone.

The Great Blue Heron filled up my senses as well as the frame..


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