The Tides...highs and lows..

     I feel fortunate to be alive after the harrowing drive home from southwest Florida. Too many fast trucks and idiots on cell phones not watching what they are doing. The speed limit is just a suggestion apparently to most. Had a great visit with friends and relatives though that more than made up for the dangers of driving. Even got a few photos to share. 

     Consider the tides. The angle of the earths tilt and its rotation about the sun, and the rotation of the moon around the earth give rise to the gravitational bulge on the waters of the earth that we call the tides. Depending on time of year and latitude you may have diurnal (one high and one low) tidal cycles or semi-diurnal (two high and two low) tides. And then there are mixed tides. Storm surge and other wind patterns can also affect the tides as we experienced in Hurricane Irma. During my southwest Florida excursion, I captured some wonderful photos at low tide. Low tide is not especially the best time to capture photos due to the exposed topography of the estuaries but that is when the birds can see and capture the fish and other critters trapped by the low water levels. It is prime feeding time for wading marsh and shorebirds. When the tides are higher, the diving birds are chasing the incoming or outgoing schools of fish. Raptors such as Osprey and Eagles also feed on the ebb and flow of tides. As my good friend Mike also observed, boats can get stuck more easily at low tide and you have to keep an eye out for gators lurking in the midst. So do consider the tides my friends when making your plans.

     Life too has its highs and lows. When we are in our youth and riding the high tide of life, all the nutrients and experiences we encounter fill us with energy (but not necessarily wisdom). Then comes the ebb and flow into low tide. You get stuck sometimes and just have to wait till things get better. But as long as the "sun" rises so must we. Be Blessed.  

Big Red, the Reddish Egret is an early riser who loves to feed at the changing tides..

Big Red profile,,,he had already filled himself on numerous fish by the time I found I missed his water antics this time..

Yellow-crowned Night Heron with crab snack..

The tidal mud is not to pretty but sure makes catching fish easy for wading marsh birds like this Great Blue Heron

I just hate it when those photographers come and scare the fish away!

This one is for you Karen, a more artistic capture ..

Look at that boat stuck in the mud said the Pelican...Is that Mike ? What is that lurking behind him?

Danger lurks in the tides aware

I had hoped to capture the White Pelicans swimming in the tide but anther photographer spooked them into flight.

Raptors such as this Osprey feed on the ebb and flow of tides when the fish are schooling into channels.

Osprey lift off..look at those talons!

If you get any closer Mr Doohickey I will rip your face off with these talons!

Female Anhinga watching and waiting..Sometimes it is nice to just sit and relax like our time with cousins Bill and Margaret

Great Egret flying in for breakfast..

Full flaps for landing..

Low tide special please with Miss Elsie..time to eat..and reflect..


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