Hoodie Winked

     Christmas on the Broward is here. While visions of sugar plums may be dancing in the childrens head, visions of Hooded Mergansers are dancing in mine. As I sit on the dock, in my new camouflage seat, I can rest assured the “Hoodies” can’t see me and hopefully will swim right under my feet on the dock. In the Interim, I paid a visit to my secret Hoodie Hangout.

     As I approached the hideout a sinister looking juvenile alligator became alarmed and dashed and splashed into the pond. No Hoodies here today and if they were they would be gator bait. A few days later I returned, and what did my eyes behold? It wasn’t a man with a sleigh, it was a male and female Hooded Merganser. As I approached they warily swam to the far end of the pond. After a few rounds of back and forth I just sat down and they calmed down and began to feed. The light was just right. I had hoped to get a classic Hoodie pose where they sit up in the water and flap their wings dry. No luck today. The following day I returned and found two males chasing after the female Merganser for attention. The three hoodies ignored my presence and again began to feed. This time I waited and prayed for a wing flap shot. I got one but it was facing away. I prayed again, please just let me get a face on shot. The bird turned around and reared up. My doohickey was ready. What a Blessing.

      From my house to yours, the Editor and I wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas..and hope to see ya Next Year..Be Blessed..Harry

Do I look like a Sugar Plumb Fairy? Nope, not Santa either, I am a Snowy Egret! 

First Male Hooded Merganser of the season

Female Hooded Merganser with her hair feathers wet from a recent dive..

A second male joined the couple at the secret Hoodie Hideout..

Finally got a Hoodie wing flap but it was facing away..

Hallelujah, my prayers were answered when it turned around to face me ! You have now been Hoodie Winked!

Anything to impress the ladies...

Snack time..

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

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