Mayport fishing village sits at the mouth of the St Johns river. Mayport was established in 1562 by French Explorer Jean Ribault. My first Destroyer (USS Bigelow DD 942) was at the Naval Station there also. I decided to try and capture some of the local Brown Pelicans hanging around the local shrimp fleet and arrived at sunrise. The Pelicans however took the day off and most of them decided to order out for breakfast it seems or wait for delivery from the Shrimp boats.

     As I waited and waited for the Pelican fly by a tall two-masted gaff-rigged schooner came up the river, outbound for parts unknown. It was a perfect day for sailing with clear skies and a brisk northerly wind. Unfortunately, they still had all the sails furled until they reached the open sea. The Pelican yawned as it went by seemingly unimpressed. It waited and watched as a local Shrimp boat got underway and headed to sea also. I think I heard it say bring me back 5 lbs. Then it went back to sleep.

     Speaking of outbound, I am currently in southwest Florida for some winter birding and to visit some folks. I will hopefully have some wonderful photos ready to publish by Christmas.  Just wait with the Pelicans till I get back. Blessings.

A gaff-rigged schooner outbound for parts unknown.

The Pelicans just sit and watch the ship go by..

A local Mayport Shrimp boat heads out to sea also..

Wake me when the boat comes back with the shrimp..

Sanderling scours the beach for tidbits to eat..

Low flight..Brown Pelican skims over the river..

Filling the frame..not stretching it either like this Great Blue Heron

Sure sign of winter..Snowy on the beach..

Brown Pelican finally took flight..

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