What is that ripping sound?

     About a month ago I spotted a Pied-billed Grebe in the channel but it was too far away to get a photo. I knew they are very shy so I got my camouflaged photo chair ready. Or so I thought. As I sat down the canvas seat begin to rip. Hmmmm. Diet time or rotten canvas. Unfortunately, it was a little of the former and lot of the latter. A new chair arrived this past week.

     This morning I sat in my new chair and spotted about a half dozen Pied-billed Grebes way up the river. I said my prayers, pulled the canvas cover over the chair and waited. And waited. Soon I saw some ripples in the water near the bend in the channel. A familiar shaped head looking like a miniature Loch Ness monster popped up. The grebe glanced in my direction and took another dive. It popped up again and kept swimming towards me seemingly undisturbed by the click of the doohickey as it neared closer and closer. This is one of the Editors favorite birds and I was anxious to get some good captures. Per the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology “Part bird, part submarine, the Pied-billed Grebe is common across much of North America. Pied-billed Grebes can adjust their buoyancy and often use this ability to float with just the upper half of the head above the water. They catch small fish and invertebrates by diving or simply slowly submerging.” I watched this small bird slowly submerge time and time again in its typical submarine fashion. Some 300 clicks later I headed for the house anxious to share some photos with the Editor.

     If this lil Grebe ate as much fish as you did turkey a week or so ago it would still be on the bottom. Hope you had a Blessed Thanksgiving. Blessings. Harry

December began with a beautiful sunrise..

There was even a morning rainbow to the west.

Eastern Bluebird ...time for some nest building!

Pied-billed Grebe pops up looking like a miniature Loch Ness Monster!

Emerging from a dive it looks at me and keeps on swimming..

Concealed by my new camouflaged chair the Grebe swims by unaware..

This is the Editors favorite winter bird on the Broward..

The end..be blessed!

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