4 January 2013 Reflections

     My good neighbor Doug beckoned to me yesterday and invited me to use his pier to take advantage of different perspective views in my morning shoot.  This morning I was eager to see the sunrise from there.  As I walked up the pier to the copula area at the end of the dock, I saw Spunky inbound on wing to her morning perch. She then saw me and did a quick about face and squawked loudly saying something in Kingfisher that I think was a swear word. She was not too happy with my intrusion into her realm.  

     The red reflection on the clouds from the rising sun should have told me to be prepared for something. Red sky in morning, sailor take warning the old weatherman says.  As I scanned the marsh I spotted my friend "Old Man River" , a venerable Great Blue Heron whom I have observed many times in my years on this marsh domain.  He sits patiently each morning waiting for just the right tide, the right opportunity and it always comes to him. He is not too keen on my presence but tolerates me with a squawk if I get too close as he slowly raises his wings and flies away to another of his favorite places where I am not welcomed. He doesn’t move a lot so I set my focus and settings to capture this moment. But alas I was unprepared for what happened next. As I began to photograph him I saw our local Great Bald Eagle soaring by, land on a fish in the river and slowly rise with his catch.  My equipment was set for a stationary Old Man River and so I was not prepared for the opportunity the Eagle presented me and lost the moment. My attempt to capture the eagle was out of focus and ill timed. My lesson was that I need to be prepared for the unexpected each day. Changing settings quickly is a skill I need to master.  Another opportunity then came when a Tricolored Heron perched on a post only a few feet from my lens. As I slowly raised the camera I did indeed  catch the moment this time for your photo of the day.  I have some bad news though. This may be my last photo of the day with this equipment. After taking these last shots the lens failed to autofocus so I am sending it back. In the meantime I will use what lens and cameras I have but they may not be what I would like to share.  

     Time Tide and Formation wait for no man, I am now shoving off!  As a young plebe midshipman at the Naval Academy this was part of the daily recital of the menu and preparation for morning formation.  See ya later, and in the meantime be blessed. Harry

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning!

Old Man River the venerable Great Blue Heron

Tricolored Heron

I'll be Back....soon as I get another lens!

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