Roll Call...

     Be careful what you ask for is all I can say. I spent most of the week alone on the dock complaining because there were very few birds seen. Then one night I saw them, the Pied Billed Grebes have returned. The next morning, however, it looked like a veritable bird roll call on the Broward of nearly every local marsh species on the neighbor’s dock.

     At first there were two Wood Storks flying in to feast on shrimp before the tide came in. Then the Tricolored Heron joined a Great Egret as they too flew in for a meal. I glance up on the copula roof and there is the muddiest Roseate Spoonbill I have ever seen. A Snowy Egret and a Little Blue Heron join the gathering. Sitting there amazed at the variety of birds I glance up to see a Bald Eagle winging westward over the Broward, then soon thereafter another one. About that time I begin to hear a squawking from the Night Heron roost as four of them fly out of the tree to join the Spoonbill on the Copula. Then Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron, flies in to join them. Flocks of black Crows cover the trees in the front and are soon flying over the dock to see what is going on. A juvenile White Ibis lands on one of the boat hoist pilings. Not to be outdone the Kingfishers fly in to make it a dozen different bird species on the dock.  The Anhinga then popped its snake like neck up to make it one more.

     All birds on the Broward present and accounted for Sir! In the span of less than an hour a “Bakers Dozen” of species show up around or on the neighbors dock. I think the man upstairs is trying to tell me something. Don’t complain! I barely got done focusing the doohickey on one bird then another comes in. Hmmm...maybe the Editor will spring for that new lens now that I have all this extra work to do.. Be Blessed. Harry

They're baaack...The Pied Billed Grebes have returned.

The next morning several Wood Storks fly to the dock..

The dirtiest Roseate Spoonbill I ever saw joins the Wood Stork..

Spunky the female Belted Kingfisher takes her favorite fishing perch on the dock boat hoist piling. 

Four Black Crowned Night Herons join the dock party

Then the Snowy Egret Blows in on the dock!

A Juvenile White Ibis chases the Kingfisher from the boat hoist then flies over beside me to hunt for food in the grass

Annie the Anhinga pops up and hops on the old dock to dry out also. 

A flock of crows join the party too!

The Great Egret flies in and lands on the dock..where is the food?

The Great Egret flies in and begins looking for food..What is a dock party without food?

Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron and Patriarch of the Broward makes an appearance..

Hey, you can't have a dock party without me squawks the Tricolored Heron.

Can't start a dock party with out music..How about the  blues....Little Blue Herons that is..

All birds on the Broward present and accounted for SIR! At ease spoonie!



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