Hawks and Doves...

     It has been high tide on the Broward these past few weeks with a scarcity of sunshine.  And I really mean HIGH TIDE! You all have heard of the rain and flooding devastation in South Carolina recently. We were fortunate to just see much higher than normal tides overflow the bank daily bringing some new feeding opportunity to the herons and egrets. In a way the birds of the Broward are just a bit of a microcosm of society.

     The flooding has been both a curse and a blessing. A blessing in that we on the Broward have not seen the devastation they are having in South Carolina and a curse in that the lack of sunshine and high waters have certainly put a damper on my photography recently. What I have seen though lately is more hawks and doves. Kind of like the local politics lately (you are either one or the other it seems). A Red-tailed Hawk landed in the front yard and by the time I got the camera all I got was fleeting shot in the cloudy skies. Later, a Red-shouldered Hawk landed on top of the Bald Cypress in the back yard while chasing some Red-winged Blackbirds. The Mourning Doves have been in abundance too and are some of the favorite targets for the two hawk species. The hawks seem to be missing their targets a lot lately. Hmmm...sorta like the efforts in Syria. The “doves” on the other hand are having a bit of a mess too. They just seem to getting in each other’s way without getting much done. Sounds kind of like our Congress.

     Another thing I have noticed is the young seem to taking over the old favorite haunts of the adult birds. George the Yellow-Crowned night Heron has left but I saw George Jr. on the dock. Old Man River has not been seen much either but his young progeny I believe is now sitting on the boat deck and the dock in the same places I used to see the venerable Great Blue Heron that I call Old Man River. A new generation is on the scene. Hope they learned well. Our future (and my photography) now depend on them.

     Art imitates life they say. So it is with the birds on the Broward. Hawks and doves, peacemakers and those who hunt and kill.  The youth seem to have taken over and are changing lots of things, yet some things remain as they were. Hopefully they were taught the true lessons of life well. Time will tell. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow too. Blessings. Harry

The tides have been abnormally high, often overflowing the banks the past few weeks. Nothing like the devastation though in South Carolina. 

Low tide for comparison...often the bottom mud is totally exposed in this lagoon..

Red-tailed Hawk chasing prey in the front yard..missed again..

Annie the Anhinga has been a frequent visitor lately...also know as the Water Turkey or Snake Bird..

Female Anhinga stretching its feathers and wings..

Classic Anhinga pose while drying its wings..

Red-Shouldered Hawk misses its prey, some Red-winged Blackbirds...

Off for another try...prey in sight..

The Mourning Doves are so shook up by the Hawks they nearly collide..

Hey you...watch where you are going!

So much for blessed are the peacemakers...I'm gonna "bless" that dove out next time I see it all right!

Mourning Dove takes off looking for peace...peace peace..but there is no peace..

This raucous Mocking Bird is making lots of noise while we try to relax on the porch..

A new generation of Black Crowned Night Herons is taking over the roost..This juvenile has been evading most of my efforts for a good flight shot...

This Juvenile Little Blue Heron is often seen in the area also..

Thankfully this juvenile Tricolored Heron is allowing me some great photo opportunities. ..like my lil Buddy use to..note the changing colors in the marsh grass as autumn colors begin to fade to brown.. 

I believe this to be the progeny of Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron..it too has been hanging out in the same places the older generation once did. 

A Snowy Egret fly by...it is welcome...Snow is not!

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