Pain in the neck...

     I love my chiropractor. Some folks call em quacks...not me. On more than one occasion they have fixed my crooked neck or back. When they manipulate that joint and it cracks just right it relieves the pain immediately. What has that got to do with birds on the Broward one might ask?

     Last December my “lil buddy”, a friendly Tricolored Heron, left and never returned. It use to fly right up to me and land on the boat hoist pole, pose and let me photograph it very close without bothering it. My lil buddy was a regular. I would hear it squawk and recognize it half a mile away. Sure miss him. This past week while sitting on the dock another Tricolored Heron flew up and landed beside my chair. It was not the same bird. This one was a juvenile.  The young heron just looked at me and went about its morning routine and hopped down into the Broward to hunt for minnows. Slowly getting up out of my chair, I follow my new lil buddy down by the floating dock. Again, it just looked at me and kept on hunting. Getting these ole bones down in a prone position without scaring the heron is no easy task (getting up again is yet another extreme feat of accomplishment). However, after successfully doing this I capture some great images of this bird as it looks one way, then the other and stalks the minnows in the shallow outgoing tide. The way these birds bend, coil, stretch, and twist their necks is a sight to behold. It coiled up so tight once I thought it would take a bird chiropractor to fix it. If I moved my neck like these birds I would have a pain in my neck even a chiropractor would have a hard time fixing. 

     Some people can be a pain in the neck also. Too bad we can’t just send them to a chiropractor to fix. How bout you? Got any “Pain in the necks” you would like fixed? Most of em are politicians I think. They can be a pain in another part of the body. Not sure they can be fixed. Be blessed. Harry

A juvenile Tricolored Heron flys up towards me and lands near my chair. 

Like my ole "lil Buddy", this bird is not bothered by my presence and just relaxes a while.

When the tide begins to recede the bird hops down and begins to hunt, undisturbed by my presence. 

The Tricolored Heron stretches that neck this way and then that way peering into the water..

Was that a minnow over there I wonder?

The Tricolored Heron begins to stalk pauses..

It darts that long neck out like an arrow..gotcha!

Oh my neck! I think I pulled something. 

Got one of the three minnows..

Nothing like fresh minnows...

Down the hatch..

Got another one..

I think my neck is stuck...I need a bird chiropractor!


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