Trick or Treat...

     Do you remember a time when you put on a home made costume and took a big paper bag or bucket to carry all that candy and went off to visit all the neighbors homes? They would then try to guess who you were?  We would say "Trick or Treat" and most of the time we got a wonderful candy treat.  If no candy was given, it was a toilet paper trick on them instead. Trick or treat times have changed it seems, or is it just me?

     Two large brown eyes of a Barred Owl peer down from the cypress tree. Who? Who? Who cooks for you? The familiar call of this unique raptor fills the cypress swamp. Actually it is a recorded owl call being broadcast by a bluetooth enabled speaker and phone to lure the Barred Owls in to view. If the "trick" works I get a "treat" of a photo opportunity. In a short time the owl appears deep within the tree branches and begins to search for the source of the “owl intruder”.  This owl is wise and it remains hidden back in the shadows while my back, arm, and shoulder begin to ache holding the heavy camera while waiting for the owl to fly. Finally the muscles fail and I put the camera down. Of course that is when the owl decides to fly over to investigate us. “There it goes” I call out. Missed another opportunity. I think the “trick” was just played by the owl. Later I was fortunate to capture a few still photos of these beautiful raptors. Hope you enjoy them this early autumn season.

     Rumor also has it that a ghost has been sighted on the Broward. This morning before sunup I set up to investigate the ghost sightings. Sure enough, a strange white ghost-like form suddenly appears. Thankfully it is just a Snowy Egret hunting for breakfast. Whew!

     Don’t eat all that Halloween candy now! I have to remind the Editor that the black jelly beans and Reese’s Cups are MINE! Be blessed. Harry

The Barred Owl is lured by our trick call and peers out of the tree to find the source of the strange sounding hoot. 

I see you in that camouflaged boat, You can't fool this wise ole owl. 

Your arms are getting heavy...very heavy...put the camera is so heavy..

Ha! The trick is on you buddy, now I'm gonna fly...Trick or Treat!

A ghost like creature suddenly appears on the Broward in the wee dawn hour...

Brrr..that water is cold this morning...whew, it is just a Snowy Egret..glad it isn't a ghost..

Time for some Halloween Shrimp!...Hope you had a nice treat today...


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