Deja vu? Still got them Blues!

     The late Yogi Berra said “It’s Deja Vu all over again”.  Last year about this time we got a call about the Editor’s credit card number being hacked in Orlando. This year it started all over, only my accounts this time, first in Hawaii and now in Orlando again! I was one of the many millions of Federal employees affected by the Office of Personnel (Mis-)management hack (by the Chinese?) of all of our personnel record information. The Orlando gang is at it again. They claimed I was living down there even. I really think there is little ongoing efforts to stop them. So I got the blues again...

     The best way for me to beat the blues is to head to the dock where the “Blues Brothers” hangout. You know, Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron, Little Boy Blue, the Little Blue Heron, and my favorite “lil-blue buddy”, the Tricolored Heron. Old Man River blessed me with an annual fly by. He is still hanging out at the old familiar places. Little Boy Blue, the Little Blue Heron is busy chasing the juveniles away from his favorite fishing spots. Those youngsters are still all white and pesky. In a year or two they will turn all blue too! And my lil buddy, well I can’t say enough of how this bird makes me smile again. He let me go fishin for minnows with him one morning last week. We had a ball. Before you know it my spirits were back up and I was soaring just like the Eagle that flew overhead. So Mr. Bluebird, don't even think about poopin on my shoulder!

     Daily, the reminder of who takes care of and feeds my “blues brothers” is played out before my eyes. What do I need to worry for then? Be Blessed. Harry

It's Deja Vu all over again....I got the Blues....You too Little Blue?

Old Man River The Great Blue Heron is still visiting his favorite hangouts...he glances at me as he wings by as if to say it's ok friend..

Even us Great Blue Herons get the blues will pass.

If anyone should be singing the Blues, It's me said the Little Blue Heron...I got three new young ones to feed! But we are doing fine.

Hey ole Buddy, Let's go fishing! It is my new Lil Buddy, the Tricolored Heron landing. 

I know just where to find them minnows..

Got some new wing fishing techniques I need to try out..saw this on a "Wingbook" post.

I see one now!

Remember Mr Doohickey...I am not the only one who has eyes on you!

Life is good here on the dock...see what I mean? Why worry!

I'm good. Soaring like an Eagle..good bye blues!

So Mr. Bluebird...don't even think about poopin on my shoulder! Be Blessed.


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