The Good, The Bad...The Ugly!

     How many of you are still being affected by the change from Daylight Savings Time? A wise Indian Chief said “only the Government would think you can cut a foot off one end of a blanket and sew it to the other end and make a longer blanket”.  That pretty well sums up my feelings (at the least the ones I can publish) about Daylight Savings Time.  There are good things, some bad things, and some real ugly things though about my recent experiences with this one hour change.

     The good thing is it is lighter early in the morning. I love to take photos of birds on the Broward bathed in the golden glow of the early sunlight. I was fortunate to catch a few Pied-billed Grebes and some Double Crested Cormorants recently swimming by. So far they haven’t been too spooked by my presence but I have decided to use a blind in case the Hooded Mergansers show up soon. These beautiful ducks are very skittish and camera shy. Hope to see them soon. The Bad thing is I am going to bed too early because it is dark and then waking up too early (and the Editor is having a rough time adjusting too). It is also bad if you are a fish enjoying a morning swim when an Osprey decides to have breakfast...and it’s you!. And then there is the plain ugly. When I don’t sleep right it is not a pretty sight. But even in good light, it is hard not to look ugly when you are a Wood Stork.

     Life has it’s ups and downs, its good and bad, and its ugly at times. Learn to make the best of all of em..even daylight “savings” time. Be blessed today..Harry

Hope you didn't miss the Harvest Moon last month..if so here tis..then came the change from Daylight Savings Time (Yech).

The Good...Pied-billed Grebe in the early morning light before the change from Daylight Savings Time..note the bright eyed reflection..

The Bad...Same Grebe after the change from Daylight Savings Time...Note the reflection is still half asleep!

Double Crested Cormorant surfaces in the golden morning light..

Double Crested Cormorant surfaces in the golden morning light..

Good day for an early morning swim..unless you are a fish and become breakfast for the Osprey..! Bad!

Bbbb Bad to the bone! bone that is!

No matter how great the light..Wood Storks are just plain ugly no matter what time of day..

No matter what angle you capture them..they fly pretty but ugly..

It's a tough job but someone has to deliver the ugly babies too..(someone had to bring Hillory into the world you know).

Take the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly all in stride and every day will begin like this!


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