Shaken...not stirred

     One of the first birds I attempted to photograph was a Belted Kingfisher (female) by the name of Spunky.  This bird species in general, and this one in particular, has been a photographic nemesis for me since day one of my photography journey.  Like the illusive 007 spy James Bond, Spunky has remained difficult to capture. As soon as I walk outside the back door, this bird and its mate take off and remain out of close camera range until I leave the area.

     High on my bird bucket photo list now, the Belted Kingfisher has indeed been a challenge to approach. One of my friends and fellow photographers (Ron Bielefeld),  has had much better success. Ron discovered a small pond near his home in southern Florida that a particular Belted Kingfisher (male) frequents and then spent six years getting the perfect setup for photographing this illusive bird from a blind and perch arrangement. Actually Ron discovered what may be a new sub species called the "Bonded" Kingfisher. While on a recent workshop with Ron and another client, we slog through the swampy marsh and arrive before dawn, set up some blinds and wait. The early morning rays of sun no sooner arrive when 007, a "Bonded" Kingfisher shows up too. We sit for hours watching this bird perch and scan the pond for minnows. The villains from SPECTRE attack. 007 subdues them. To celebrate, like Bond, this bird likes his minnow martini “Shaken, not stirred”.

     “Today is a gift from God. That is why we call it the present”. Carpe Diem, seize the day and moment and don’t look back. Scratch one bird from the bucket list. Be Blessed. Harry

In 2013 I captured this photo of Spunky, a female Belted Kingfisher near the dock. I have not had a decent photo of this species since. They are very illusive and hard to capture.

007, a male "Bonded" Kingfisher arrives at the crack of dawn on its favorite pearch.

007 sits proudly and aloof, ready for action..

What was that? The soft raindrops almost mask the noise.

Trouble is coming..007 remains alert..

Some dastardly villains from SPECTRE, in the guise of Juvenile Little Blue Herons attack and chase 007 from his perch..

007 pushes a secret ejection branch button  and regains the high ground..

Time to celebrate. 007 spots his favorite minnow martini...and dives..

007 prefers his minnow martini..shaken...

That is correct Miss Moneypenny...007 prefers his minnow martini "Shaken...not stirred" where were we?


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