The Quasi-geostrophic Omega Equation..simplified

     I have been trying to figure out the perfect time to go on my next bird outing. My past experience and education in the fields of Meteorology and Oceanography always has me thinking about the implications of the Quasi-geostrophic Omega Equation used in forecasting the effect of a deepening trough or low pressure system moving over Northern and Central Florida. I.E. is it going to rain?

     There was a very brief time in my life when I felt I actually understood how to derive, interpret, and apply the Quasi-geostrophic Omega Equation in atmospheric modeling. Those days are long gone (however, it does remind me of a “Sea Story” about “W and Omega” in one of Professor C P Chang’s classes). Now I just go to Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron and local Broward River weather prognosticator extraordinaire. If he sees his reflection, it is going to be a great day. If not, have your rain gear ready.  

     Bob wings by on a current of cool autumn air and flies over the lagoon to his favorite weather prediction location. It also just happens to be his favorite fishing hole. Bob tentatively steps out on a rock. He then applies the latest scientific method to test the water for toe temperature to ensure conditions are favorable for forecasting. Brrr...a bit chilly today here..may need to try another spot. Ahh...this place seems right. Bob moves his head from side to side, peering into the muddy Broward. Yep! There is his reflection. It is going to be a great day today!  Now it's time for some breakfast. Bob starts with a quick crab bite and then some shrimp before feasting on some local minnows.

     Isn’t science wonderful? We have "Bob" to thank for that. Spelled the same forwards or backwards, “Bob” is always there to help you out. The same yesterday, today and forever. Ya’ll have a blessed day. Harry

Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron and weather prognosticator extraordinaire wings by on a cool autumn breeze to solve the Quasi-geostrophic Omega Equation issue for me...

Using the latest scientific methods, Bob tests the water temperature..Brrrr.....

Too cold here...

Bob runs the new equations through his head..

This place looks better..

After careful recalculation Bob peers down and sees his reflection.. Six more weeks of great autumn weather coming to Florida! Time to eat now!

Bob has been doing this for a while...childhood photo of Broward Bob..before he turned blue..

All those computations make me hungry..and if Bob ain't know what they say!

Crab-wich snack..

And some Shrimp ala Broward

Good ole Bob..spelled the same forward and backwards.....The same yesterday, today and forever! Be blessed.


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