Duck Duck Goose

     Brutal winter weather blows over the Broward. Highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s. Can’t wait for spring to come. There are only three birds I regularly see on the Broward lately. A Little Blue Heron that I call Broward Bob, a Snowy Egret and a Tricolored Heron. The latter two I call “The Bickersons”. Wherever the Tricolored Heron goes, the Snowy follows and relentlessly pesters the other for the best fishing hole. The Pied-billed Grebes are still here too as well as the Hooded Mergansers but I rarely get a close up. Time to look elsewhere for photos.

     Perdue Pond (aka Goose Pond)  is another local place I used to love to photograph ducks and geese. At one time it was a beautiful cedar tree lined retention pond with a well mowed grass walkway around it. Canada Geese stayed there nearly year-round, fed by local folks with free corn. Who wouldn’t stick around when there are free handouts. Then the left-wing lunatics took over and made it a “wildlife preserve”. They don’t mow the grass, you can’t walk around the pond to take photos due to the high underbrush, and they will fine and arrest you for disturbing the weeds that choke the once pristine paths. It went all “natural” except for the hypocritical free corn provided to keep the ducks and geese there. What is natural about that?

     I move on to another local birding site at Sheffield Park. They still mow the grass, have paved walkways and a nice pond. But there is no free corn provided. I thought “the Bickersons” were bad. You should have seen the goose squabble I saw. Two Canada Geese were on the shore honking at another couple across the pond. It must have been nasty bad goose language because the pair across the lake started honking back and headed for the two beside me on the bank. They came out of the water very agitated and confronted the other two and then they gave each other a piece of their goose minds. Reminded me of the recent elections and how well folks “get along” lately.

     We have a new regime at the helm in the White House. What I have observed is you can have all the free corn and weeds you want but if you don’t work and maintain the grounds all you get is a place where only vermin run free and a bunch of honking at each other. 

The Pied-billed Grebe, a diving duck swims by me on the Broward..

Hooded Merganser female, another diving duck, landing

Just like in aircraft carrier landings the tail feather hook comes down first

Perfect landing....Wheeeeeee!

Distant shot of two Redhead Ducks...too many weeds on the path to get closer

A pair of Canada Geese honk obscene language at another pair across the pond

What did they just call us? 

Come on, I am going to have some words with that Goose!

You don't talk to me like that you fat goose!

How would you like to be a goose down pillow ?

Blah Blah Blah!

Well Your Moma has duck feet! Honk Honk my tail feathers


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