Gus & Greta..a Great Blue Love Story

     In early December I participated in a workshop at the Viera Wetlands and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. While at the wetlands I noticed a Great Blue Heron was camped out on a nice nesting site on top of the perfect palm tree. This Great Blue Heron had the location, location, and location. He begins to call for a mate to come join him. We will call him Gus. Gus was new to this courtship thing apparently and his approach and throaty call was not too successful. Not one pretty female would join him.  Fast forward to 21 January when I visited the Wetlands again. There was ole Gus giving it all he had by this time. I mean look at the stretch in those vocal cords and the neck display. But Gus was still a very lonely Great Blue Heron. But he must have hit the right note with someone.

     The following morning I returned to the Wetlands and there was ole Gus all right. Perched next to him was a drop dead beautiful female Great Blue “Heroness”. Let’s call her Greta. In the human world, some courtships begin with a look, followed by a date, then the courting, followed by engagement, and then marriage. Then the couple buys a home or as some would say, “build a nest” together. This process can take from months to years. It moves a bit faster than that in the bird world. It has to because they don’t live as long as we humans for the most part. From “the look", to nest building can happen in an hour or so. The male must demonstrate the ability to fetch a stick for a nest that has to be just the right stick. Not too big. Not too small. Just right. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have about a thousand pictures I went through to say just a few words. Gus got lucky.

     Gus must have gotten it right because Greta seemed thrilled with his selections. The rest is shall we say, bird history, I hope. I think we can safely say this is the start of the next Great Blue Heron generation for Gus and Greta. The entire staff of Reflections hopes you a had a Happy Valentines this week with your loved one. If your loved one was not there, perhaps they are just somewhere else getting a new nest prepared just for you. Be Blessed. Harry 

Meet Gus the lonely Great Blue Heron. Since early December he has been putting on a display and vainly calling for a mate on this perfect location for romance.

And then it happened..Gorgeous Greta, a Great Blue "Heroness" lands on his palm tree pad and gives Gus "the look". 

Gus, go fetch me a stick, a big one, and show me you are serious about this.

Gus returns in a flash. Greta eyes the big stick. 

Greta carefully places the stick right where she wants it.. 

That was a good start there go get me another one!

Gus brings her another stick..

and then another one..she eyes the stick well as the handsome broad winged bird carrying it..

Gus asks Greta for that first kiss...

Oh Gus, you give me goose bump feathers all over says Greta...

Gus and Greta are both thinking…this is the one!

You like these tail feathers there big fella?

Yes I do Greta…will you be my Valentine and mate? Why yes I will says Greta with her feathers all a fluff..

She said YES,. She said Yes yells Gus across the wetlands so all can hear the good news...

She said YES,. She said Yes yells Gus across the wetlands so all can hear the good news...

You have my heart  there Gus…now get rid of that guy with the doohickey over there and we will make this official if you know what I mean..

It was a beautiful Blue Heron moon that night on the wetlands…Happy Valentines Day to all of you..from Gus, Greta and  Reflections..


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