Flight of the Ibis..

     Last fall I shared with you the migration story of a huge flock of White Ibis. They were heading south for the winter. About this time in February of last year we had a local visitation for about a week of a flock of returning immature Ibis heading north. I was hoping to see some again this time of year.  I glanced out the back door and saw a solitary White Ibis on the naked bole of an oak tree on the river bank. Winter trees barren of leaves, leave little place for a bird of this size to hide. As I stated in my State of the Broward Address, things are slow this time of year so I was excited to try to sneak up close to this Ibis for a photo op.

     Using stealth and concealment I slowly approach the Ibis, hoping not to scare it. Ok, honestly I just sort of walked slowly up to it hoping it would lift off and I would get the shot I wanted. It just turned, stared at me and yawned, and went back to resting on one leg. My back and arms ached holding the camera for so long waiting for “the shot”. Finally I left and went on the neighbors dock hoping it would give me a fly by with the sun at my back. An hour later the bird is still there so I return to right beneath the tree and ask it, “Will you please take off so I can get a photo?” The look it gave me was almost a Kodak moment. It turned, squated, and then relieved itself. That is a clue it is about to fly. The Ibis then stretches a leg and wing.  Looking back with a glance, it then turns and lifts its wings and is gone. An hour and a half I waited for this shot and it went the wrong way! Another “bird butt shot” for the books.

     We all have those kind of days I am sure. Patience and perseverance are sometimes still met with frustration. There is always a hot cup of coffee waiting to give me solace. The next day I get a beautiful morning fly by of a Black Crowned Night Heron and some Snowy Egrets. And on Valentine's day a "Feather Mob" of immature Ibis again land in the yard across the street, almost a year to the day. And no bird butt shots! Be Blessed. Harry

Recently I have seen a few small flocks of White Ibis heading north on their return migration. Wonder if they will stop by again this year?

A White Ibis sits on the naked limbs of a barren oak tree by the river bank, resting on one leg. For an hour!

It scarcely gives me notice so I leave for the neighbor's dock hoping for a fly by shot.

Oh. You again! Will I what? 

Watch out below...

Oh, these legs and wings are stiff from standing on these limbs...

It turns and lifts its wings...

The Ibis slowly leans forward and lifts off….in the wrong direction..

Another Bird Butt Shot!

Taking the "Red Eye" home. A Black Crowned Night returns to roost from a night on the marsh..

Another Snowy "Blizzard" Egret fly by on the Broward..

No butt shots here !

Morning Tide reflection…time for a cup of coffee.

The White Ibis "Feather Mob" returns to the same yard almost a year to the day! Without a watch even!

Someone say Feather Mob?

Wings up landing..no bird butt shots here!

Look before you leap!

Cause it's too late after that first step! AHHHG

Flight of the Ibis heading north!

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