The Red-Tailed Prince...

     What a beautiful weekend on the Broward. Although we had a bit of morning frost, the days are getting warmer and the winds have finally calmed a bit. Perfect coffee drinking weather on the back porch. I finally got the camera out one evening and was just enjoying the setting sun, when the Red-Tailed Prince of the Air attacked.

      There is a nesting colony of Black Crowned Night Herons next to my property along the bank of the Broward. They generally wait until I leave or the sun sets to venture out for the night to feed at low tide. They are illusive to capture in just the right setting golden light. Tonight I had some help from the Red-Tailed Prince of the Air. I heard a loud commotion in the tree and looked up to see a Red-Tailed Hawk swoop down on the tree hoping perhaps to capture a late evening snack of one the night herons. About 14 Black Crowned Night Herons took flight at the same time (literally “poopin” themselves) at the sudden attack. They all came flying right at me to take cover on the pier. Finally spotting me, they did a quick turn and all of them settled nearby along the riverbank. The predator hawk took off, empty handed so to speak but returned about five minutes later and flew right towards me allowing me to capture a few keepers.

     Like the poor night Herons, we too are under the watchful eye and sudden attacks of the prince of the air according to the book of Ephesians (see chapter 2). We also have a promised refuge though from the Prince of the Air through the Chief Cornerstone. The herons took refuge along the river. So someday will we too dwell in peace on such a river. Be Blessed. Harry

The Red-tailed "prince of the air " can be a scary sight if you see it coming at you..

The attack on the Black Crowned Night Heron colony was sudden and silent but an alert sentry sounded the alarm.

About 14 Black Crowned Herons suddenly took flight heading right towards me...scared the "you know what" out of this wonder...

Filling the Frame..this poor scared Black Crowned Night Heron almost landed on me before realizing it

This bird passed to my left, wide eyed with flight or fright syndrome..

Seeing me on the dock they all took refuge on the river...someday we will too hopefully..

The Red-tailed Prince of the Air finally left ..without its intended least on this night..

With the coast clear the herons returned to the safety of their tree one by one..


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