The show must go on...

     As I looked up into the trees while taking out the trash the other day, I saw a bunch of familiar looking red-bellied birds...Robins.  The next morning while going to the doctors they were all over the front yards of the neighbors. By the time I returned they were gone. Alas, no photos to share but they were indeed heading north, a sure sign of spring. And Hope.

     They say the show must go on. When times get tough you find your inner strength. I am posting these recent photos from our recent quarterly Snapshot Society outing at the zoo. For a few days I had no desire to even pick my camera. I have been far too worried about the Editor and the impacts and changes her sudden upcoming retirement is going to make. Then my Doctor told me to be concerned, but not worried. He is right. One day at a time now.

     These lion and lioness with cubs photos were taken recently at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The first one is called “Happy Harry” because that was the look on my face when I went to park in my usual Disabled Parking place only to find they had been replaced by Electric Car only parking. The Disabled Parking is now further away.  GO GREEN “my foot” is all I could think about. The three cubs (two male, one female) are about a year and five months old now. Hope you enjoy...Zoo animals are not my usual subjects since they don’t fly much but they sure were entertaining. But I hear some elephants do fly. Blessings. Harry

I call this one Happy Harry because this is how I felt when I found Electric Car Parking Only in my usual Disabled Parking

This lioness, like my Editor is resting more comfortably right now..

What or who is for dinner look..

Male Cub reacts to all the doohickies and photographers

The sun made a brief appearance that morning giving this rim lit shot.

He is just a roaring life, not to be the show must go on..

One day maybe soon, the lion will indeed lie down with the lamb..and there will be peace forevermore.


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