Road Trip..

     When is the last time you took a spontaneous road trip? I mean a real spontaneous one. A distant cousin of mine recently shared that her husband suggested they leave the “warm” hills of West Virginia and go to Florida for a Kayaking river adventure. Off they went and had a great time with the kids. Key factor here is they are young, have kids, and did I say they are young? Most of us “seniors” require a bit more planning I think to be “spontaneous” (except for my friend Frenchy).  When I heard the water levels at the click ponds of the Viera Wetlands were low and full of white pelicans, I couldn’t wait to get on the road. Alas, I had to wait for a little while to cover homecare duties but did get to go there recently. Glad I made it back too!

     Gus and Greta, the Great Blue Herons, were still very much in love and preparing their nest for a new generation. Before the sun was over the horizon, ole Gus was busy bringing that perfect stick to the nest for Greta. She was still most appreciative of the gift (unlike the Editor who didn’t seem to appreciate the “Car Cane” I got her for Christmas). I digress. The sun managed to hide behind a single cloud for hours as the pale pink light turned to blue. I saw the distinct silhouette form of a large “Gator” glide across the surface of the cell pond in the early morning light.  It was at least 10 feet long. A Little Blue Heron was busy looking for minnows only few feet away while I stood at the waters edge taking photos of Gus and Greta. Silently the gator made a turn and began to swim in my direction, its long tail propelling it closer. And closer. At a distance of about 10 feet it stopped moving and just stared in my direction. Was it me or the heron that captured its attention? It began to slowly drift towards me and was within five or six feet when it stopped again, staring at me. Then its body began to submerge until only the head remained. The last thing I saw were those huge cold eyes staring at me. Gators will often lie submerged on the bottom and suddenly blast out of the water to snatch an unsuspecting prey. The heron apparently sensed this and took to wing. I took that as a strong hint to back away from the waters edge. I think I will go look for the pelicans now. And indeed I did, quickly.

      Life is a gift to be enjoyed. Be spontaneous. You won’t regret it. You never know what you will encounter. But when you do encounter dangers, be wise. Listen to that voice in your head that says ”Time to go stupid!” Be blessed. Harry

Gus and Greta, the Great Blue Herons were still busy preparing for the next generation..

Greta seemed appreciative of each gift..(unlike a certain Editor)..

An enormous alligator glides silently across the pond..

A Little Blue Heron hunts for minnows at the waters edge near my feet.

Silently the gator turns and begins to head towards me..

The gator stops within about 10 feet from me and slowly begins to submerge..

The last thing I saw before it submerged were those eyes staring at me..

That sixth sense told the Little Blue Heron, it's time to go....I took the hint and backed away...time to go find those pelicans..

Dozens of White Pelicans were indeed enjoying the easy pickings in the low water level of the click pond.

When this White Pelican drifted by I was not too peaceful..

All was well until this Boat-tailed Grackle decided to peck at my feet..

I then decided to head back to the other ponds as did this Roseate Spoonbill. 

Gus was still busy bringing sticks to the nest..

Greta must be getting ready for eggs soon as Gus kept bringing more sticks for the nest..

Ole Blue Eyes, the White Ibis says see ya out for the Gator!


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