Welcome to a new year of Reflections and a new year that will bring us all many challenges. I am not big on resolutions but I think it wise to reflect on the past year and resolve not to make the same mistakes if possible in the future. That said, I want to share with you some of my favorite photos of 2015.

      In January the Brown Pelicans were again on the Broward following my friend Tommy's crab boat. Winter is the breeding season for many of the Florida native and migratory birds. Gus and Greta, the Great Blue Herons of the wetlands, brought a smile to a lot of faces in February. The Ospreys of Blue Cypress Lake were March's awe inspiration and powerful to see. April brought my favorite character “George”, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron back for an award winning mating display photo for the Wildlife Conservation Society.  This was followed in May by another winner in the Wild Amelia photo contest and calendar cover with a Tricolored Heron “truckin” down the beach at Fort De Soto. The beautiful Pink Roseate Spoonbills brightened up June and made The Wildlife Conservation Society's 2016 international calendar. July was hot on the Broward. I got real low to photograph some illusive Little Green Herons. Bird Stewarding on the sizzling August beach allowed me to see the Royal village of Huguenot and the Royal Terns raised there. As we rolled into September, Broward Bob, the Little Blue Heron gave me lots of photo opportunities. I had an “Owl-o-ween” experience also with the Barred Owls of October.  The illusive 007, a Belted Kingfisher, was my November highlight followed by another Viewbug award winning photo called "Sunset Glow" of a Snowy Egret on the Broward to close out the year.

     Along with facing challenges that the times will bring to all of us, I am going to resolve to improve my photography both in the field and in the “computerized darkroom” and challenge myself to make 2016 and even better year of Reflections on Broward, Lord willing. Time to press forward now. Be Blessed. Harry

The Brown Pelican was back on the Broward in January following my friend Tommy's crab fishing boat.

Gus and Greta, the Great Blue Herons stole our hearts in February at the wetlands..

The awe inspiring Ospreys on Blue Cypress lake brought the promise of Springtime in March.

This Wildlife Conservation Society award winning photo of "George" the Yellow Crowned Night Heron in a mating display heralded the month of April.

May followed with a Wild Amelia contest award winner and Calendar cover of this Tricolored Heron "Trucking" down the beach

"Pink Angel Wings" of this Roseate Spoonbill made an international contest selection for a Wildlife Conservation Society Calendar for 2016 also in June.

I had to get real low to capture this Little Green Heron on the Broward in the heat of July

It takes a Royal village to raise a Royal Tern and lots of fish at Huguenot Beach in August.

Broward Bob, a Little Blue Heron gave me lots of photo opportunities in September..

October brought a Happy "Owl-O-Ween" with this Barred Owl capture.

The illusive 007, a Belted Kingfisher was captured by my doohickey in November..

We closed the year 2015 with this Viewbug award winning winter photo of a Snowy Egret called Sunset Glow for December..the new challenge begins..


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