When you pass through the waters..

     We have weathered the storm. Thank all of you who prayed for us and for all those affected by Hurricane Irma. It was a storm of devastation unlike any in recent history some say. We have been in this home nearly 20 years, our neighbor has been here over twice that long and have never seen the waters so high. Still, we are fortunate and blessed. Many in Florida, the Virgin Islands, and elsewhere were not so lucky. Please continue to pray for their recovery, it may be a long time a coming.

    Here on the Broward River there was indeed damage. We have neighbors a few houses down with a huge tree through the roof, one across the street narrowly missed their home. Another neighbor nearly lost her leg (and is fighting for her life) from a tree impaling her to her bed. Sadly, the tree which has been home to our local Black-crowned Night Herons (and yes, George’s home too), has fallen into the Broward. Happily, I can report they are still in the area. George usually leaves about this time of year so I don’t expect to see them much longer. I pray this avian family returns next spring to the area.

     We invited some friends (USNA classmate) and some of their family to take refuge here during the hurricane as they were under mandatory evacuation. My generator was ready and we had power all through the storm until local power was restored (within a day of Irma passing). We watched with trepidation as water levels all over Jacksonville began to rise and overflow the banks of the local rivers and streams. The Broward overflowed its bounds and flooded the Editor’s recently renovated She Shed and came up to the back of the house.  Fortunately, we had another four feet to go before it could breech our home. At one point, I am sure our guests were wondering if they made the right decision to come here. Through it all, we were fine and so was their homes when they returned.

     In the book of Isaiah (43:2) we find this promise, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”  We all have to pass through troubled waters at times. When the waters rise it can be frightening.  But we are told "He will be with you". And as for those troubled waters.. they “will not sweep over you”. We found that promise to be true. Amen. Blessings. Harry

One of our neighbors took some serious damage from this tree...

The lady who lives here is fighting for her life, the tree impaled her leg nearly killing her before she was able to be rescued..she had five Dachsunds which needed care, our friend is taking care of three of them..keep her in prayer

The Broward breeched its banks..the She Shed on the left began to flood..(note the bird in the sky too)

Our house guests began to wonder if they came to the right place to avoid the storm..view of my back "yard" during Irma.

George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron sits on the dock and stares ..

He scratches his head in disbelief...

He can't figure out why his home is now upside down in the river..time to rebuild..(next year?)

After the storm..."You will pass through the waters...and they will not sweep over you"....what a promise..

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